Philip Usonis
Philip Usonis, better known as Phil, has been a phenomenal student-athlete for the past 8 years. He is a special student who takes interest in things that not many others dare to venture toward. For instance, he is a passionate lover for the TV-series “Naruto” and binge eating hot Cheetos. He is hopeful to graduate from CHC this coming June and later attend Virginia Tech with an undecided major. BELIEVE IT!

With an immense hate for running, he ponders on why he ever chose to play soccer or try to be a ninja in the first place. Each day he struggles to keep up with his busy schedule of school, soccer, and cosplay.

Eventually he wants to become a pilot, but is unsure if he wants to pursue his dream through the military or commercial airlines. Hopefully his chakra doesn't run out while operating the planes in years to come.

Philip Usonis, Staff Writer

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Philip Usonis