Transracial – Are We Ready for This?

In a world that is becoming more and more diverse and inclusive, our culture is often tested by new labels.  One such label that is on the rise is trans-racial.  In the past, the term trans-racial was typically used for families who adopt children of a different race, but recently, it has been given a new meaning. Now, the term “trans-racial” literally means a crossing of racial boundaries. Racial boundaries include the physical appearance, cultures, and beliefs of an individual.

In recent news, there have been a substantial nunber of people identifying as trans-racial. The most prominent is a white male from New Orleans, who now identifies as Ja Du instead of his birth name Adam Wheeler. Ja Du was born into a white family, but grew up loving Filipino culture and food. As he began to mature into adulthood, he gradually realized his passion was to be of Filipino descent. As a result, he has recently assumed the label as trans-racially Filipino given his passion for and desire to become part of the culture.  Ja Du is just one of the many people emerging from the United States who want to change to or identify with a different race.

Although trans-racial people are slowly emerging, it would not be surprising to encounter them in today’s society. In the years to come, it would also be likely for even some people here at Cape Henry to identify as trans-racial. The world around us is always changing, especially when it comes to acceptance and diversity, yet many people have their doubts on whether or not this is actually possible or even credible.

According to Carson Averette, ’18, a trans-racial society is possible, but he feels it’s wrong for somebody to ultimately change their race. Along with Carson, many others have this exact same view point. Seniors Gabby Lascari and Claudia King believe that this process is almost an “imitation” of another race. Lascari feels that the changing of a race is interesting, but doesn’t make sense. She says, “These people are trying to be them (another race), but not actually.” When she was asked if she thought it was possible, she responded with, “It’s 2017, you can do whatever you want nowadays.” Claudia King, on the other hand, believes that there is no possible way to switch. She stated that is was “morally” and “ethically” wrong no matter what. She feels as if the person is turning their back to the race they were born in to. She also went on to say that it is not possible and “abnormal” for anyone to be involved with anything like this.

Given the responses, most people are not comfortable with trans-racial yet, but soon the world will have to accept them like anyone else. It is inevitable for them to appear and together we will have to learn to understand their choices and beliefs even if we don’t agree.