Did Joker Live Up To The Iconic Character’s Standards? 

When an iconic character has had numerous appearances in movies, television shows, and even cartoons, it can be difficult for yet another movie to satisfy the public’s standards. The new Joker movie had some big shoes to fill, trying to live up to other Joker performances such as Heath Ledger from...

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

After Hurricane Dorian, storm surge raised waters above the dock of a Cape Henry student.

Hurricane Dorian causes flooding across Virginia Beach

Friday, September 6 - Little Neck Road

Main road to Hatteras destroyed by Dorian leaving hundreds stranded
Are Anti-Vaccinator Parents to Blame for the Return of the Measles?
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Dolphins win back-to-back TCIS Finals with win over Norfolk Academy
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Surf’s Up after Hurricane Dorian
CHC Production of Mamma Mia Wows Audiences
Prom 2019
CHC Students Explore ODU’s Cadaver Lab
CHC Celebrates its 4th Annual Holi Festival
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Shining a light on the names and faces of the Cape Henry Collegiate Community