Technology vs. The People

Ever since the advent of video games, and technology for that matter, there have been people who opposed them for no real reason. These people believe that video games are unholy, evil things that cause school shootings and other forms of violence, as well as health issues. Some of these people are genuinely afraid of gaming, and believe that their children are being negatively affected by games and technology, while others simply hate something that they don’t understand or see the appeal in.

Most people just see gaming as a fun pastime that they can share with their friends and families. Others even use it therapeutically in order to overcome issues like social anxiety. Violent games have often been criticized for their depictions of graphic violence and other themes. Politician Ralph Nader claimed, back in 2013 after the Sandy Hook shooting, that video game companies are “electronic child molesters.” Admittedly, that may be a bit of a stretch, and comes across more as fear mongering and ignorant than trying to make a point about violence in games. Nevertheless, Nader certainly speaks for some people who are opposed to violence. That point of view is understandable, as violence is something that most people want to avoid, whether it be real or fictional. Looking back, people have always blamed violence and poor behavior on some form of media or entertainment. Whether or not these people legitimately think that these media forms are causing children to turn into misbehavingr little gremlins, or they’re just looking for an excuse as to why they can’t control their children is anyone’s best guess.  

Of course video games aren’t the only things being targeted by people. Regular technology and social media are being made targets of by parents who feel like their children are being corrupted by technology. While it is true that there are children who spend absurd amounts of time using their technology, that doesn’t mean that everyone does. Not every “gamer” is a neckbeard living in his mother’s basement. Yes, there are people like that in the world, but again, that is a stereotype, and is not representative of all gamers.