Fly or cruise with the power of water and air

We all love a fun day at the beach, but are you one to lounge and relax by the pool or beach or are you the type of action sport person. Most of us have all been inner tubing, surfing, and wakeboarding. In the present day, innovations have filled the inventory to bring new fun on the water. 

The first innovation is called the foil board. This board essentially causes you to hover above the water due to the foil that causes the board to lift. These foils have been put on surfboards, wakeboardS, windsurf boards, and kite surfboards. But there are also self -propelled foil boards called e-foil boards which are electrically propelled foil boards. Imagine boating around on a surfboard that hovers. The e-foil invention evolved from the jet surfboard which is a self-propelled surfboard. Surfers use these boards for not only a new thrill of hovering above the water but catching waves has never been as easy and effortless due to the self-propulsion these boards are capable of. 

The next new adventure on the market is the water jetpack. These are jetpacks that use water to make one fly over water. The water jetpack has a hose that runs from a jetski to the jetpack. The person is harnessed into the jetpack. The jetski causes the water to have a pressured jet stream to cause the jetpack and person to gain lift and fly. This makes sense because a jetski can drive very fast over water with this water jet power so now the hose just transfers this power up to the jetpack to enable one to fly. But this isn’t the only thing that flies with water jet power. They have created other devices that can swap out with these jetpacks so one can essentially fly on anything he/she dreams of, such as a snowboard. But this whole jetpacking experience has come to life because the typical jetpack everyone thinks of by just flying over land is real. This phenomenon isn’t for sale for the general public or even meant for public use yet. The inventor of this is still working on this jetpack that uses air to enable one to fly anywhere freely. All these water jetpacks range in $5,000 but then a jetski is required to as the source of power. So this is an expensive hobby but they are available for rent through specific companies and hotels, so the ability to give this fun a try is always there. 

Speaking of flying objects, the PowerChute is a fun hobby to fly over open fields. Although this is not as sophisticated as the jetpack, these are personal fans one can put on their back or to a cart. The fan is gas-powered and either a hang glider or parachute is used as the wings to enable flight. These require an open field for take off but they are truly fun to fly. Imagine feeling the cool thin air up in the sky while there is no covering on this vehicle. But this concept not only took on a fan attached to a person or go-kart-like vehicle. This concept was brought to a zodiac, an inflatable boat, creating the first flying boat- the flying zodiac. 

With all these fun creative ways to up your previous adventure or take on a new adventure, money is a factor that may limit your purchases. But there are always places to rent and try these out. Who knows, maybe you can be a versatile adventurer or choose your vehicle of choice and master the creative ways to have fun with it.