Trending Game, Among Us, Takes Over Cape Henry’s Study Halls

Before Silence, Now Collaboration

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – As the 2018 video game, Among Us, suddenly gains popularity, it creates a fun diversion for students at Cape Henry Collegiate. The game has been played so frequently during advisory, study hall, and in between classes that even teachers and staff members are beginning to hear about it.

Amateur and expert gamers are obsessing over Among Us, the newly trending murder mystery video game where players are required to “[c]omplete assigned tasks as a crewmate or kill [their] way to victory as an imposter.” In other words, crewmates must finish all of their tasks before there is an equal number of crewmates as impostors to win. Otherwise, it is a win for the impostor(s). 

In the game, people roleplay as little colorful astronauts on three different maps, including The Skeld, Polus, and MIRA HQ. The developer, Innersloth, presents players the choice to pick between any one of the unoccupied twelve colors in games ranging from four to ten people. The various colors have been associated with mixed stereotypes that have spread on social media posts and stories. It has also fueled the generation of relatable memes, TikToks, and phrases. For instance, the statement that a particular color is “sus,” which is short for suspicious, is widely known by the players.

Beginning in late-August or early-September, the number of downloads grew exponentially from 2.4 million in July to 41.9 million currently. Twitch streamers, as well as famous YouTubers, have been given the credit for the large increase in downloads of the game due to their recent videos and streams regarding Among Us. On a more local level, Mrs. Zimmerman, the head of the math department, believes, “Because of the way the world is right now, we have to social distance, and we can’t, like, literally play…but you still can in the virtual world, and that’s a perfect way to do it. So I think it’s great right now.”

The game is downloadable on both PC and mobile devices, but it costs $5 to purchase on the Steam software for a PC while it’s free on mobile. On PC versions, it provides players with a free skin and smoother gameplay in exchange for the $5 expense. In addition, there are skins and pets that are available as in-game purchases, but they are not necessary for improving the playability. However, unlike many other top games, Among Us does not promote a battle pass as a way of marketing. In games like Fortnite, consumers are compelled to pay money for exclusive items that can be earned while progressing in the game. In this aspect, it causes people to like Among Us more as a result of the accessibility.

The length of each game tends to be around ten to fifteen minutes, which allows students to play more often during their breaks. Students talking about the game can be distracting to others doing schoolwork, and it can use potential study time. However, it has been proven by the University of Saskatchewan that gaming can provide stress relief and benefit one’s well-being. Last week, Mrs. Zimmerman substituted for Mrs. Camp’s advisory and encouraged the students to play Among Us as a collaborative activity:  “We have to be socially distanced, we can’t be near each other, but that is literally all of them together playing. To me, I think that is a great idea.”

Compared to Game Informer who gave it an 8.5/10, Grayson Keller, a sixth-grader, also rated it as an 8.5/10. He claimed, “…they don’t have enough maps. There should be five to six.” Similarly, Mrs. Zimmerman rated it a nine out of ten, simply because she has not yet developed an addiction to the game.

Although not everyone plays Among Us, many have at least heard about it through social media or from their friends. Elena Tangredi, a freshman, stated, “Well, I saw it through Instagram first, then everyone around me started talking about it and playing it. And I mean everyone.” Transforming into a universal topic, Innersloth’s Among Us has been mentioned repeatedly on all media platforms, supporting the game’s debut at Cape Henry. If you haven’t already, download Among Us to experience the hype and connect with others!