Reiley Beers Continues to Inspire

“The best sister anyone can ever ask for”


Reiley Beers is a name that lingers in the halls of Cape Henry every day. From her amazing photography skills, her ability to put a smile on anyone’s face, to the strength she showed her peers, Reiley’s impact on the Cape Henry community is remarkable. After graduating in 2020, Reiley headed to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. As of now, Reiley is undecided on her major; however, she is on the road to explore more and find new successes. She explained, “I am leaning towards doing something in the Pre-Med track. Right now my heart is pretty set on becoming a pediatric oncologist one day, but I know everything is subject to change.” It is no surprise that Reiley is up for this challenge, and everyone who knows Reiley will reiterate that she is able to accomplish whatever she puts her heart to. 

When looking back on Cape Henry and how it shaped Reiley’s path to college, she credits her preparedness to many experiences at CHC. She explained, “Cape Henry has helped me know how to work independently, work on a timeline, and be confident in who I am.” Reiley also mentioned how at Cape Henry, “you are able to establish yourself and your relationships with your teachers and now professors.” During her time at Cape Henry, Reiley took advantage of making these connections with her teachers. In fact, when asked which ones had the greatest impact on her, she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, it is really hard to just pick a few!” She then continued on about how Upper School teacher, Mr. Scott McGraw, had a major impact on her “academically, personally, and as a mentor in the Trivia Club (Best Club at CHC)!” Reiley also made great connections with many other teachers who supported her throughout all of her time at Cape Henry. She claimed, “non-traditional teachers like Mrs. Hummel was and has continued to be there for me in all aspects of my life.” Reiley was the student every teacher wished to have in their classroom, and she is a friend everyone is fortunate to call their own. 

Despite some major obstacles that have come up in Reiley’s life within the past year, she has still been able to keep a positive outlook on all aspects of life. First, having her senior year cut short was something Reiley had never expected to happen. However, she said that although “COVID made life difficult for everyone, it didn’t make enjoying the good things in life that impossible. For example, Cape Henry still made it possible for me to walk across the stage at graduation despite the obstacles 2020 threw at them!” Reiley has been able to appreciate the little things given to her under these circumstances and is able to accept and grow from whatever comes her way. 

Aside from dealing with the unpredictable coronavirus, Reiley mentioned other aspects of 2020 that she would have never imagined happening. She exclaimed, “On a more personal level, 2020 was difficult because as almost everyone in the CHC community knows, my brother Mason faced a recurrence of cancer which posed its own set of challenges for myself and my family.” Mason Beers (‘20) is another name of the CHC family that nobody will forget. His love and sense of humor even from a distance have shown Cape Henry the true value of community and what it means to support one another through the unimaginable. Following a bone marrow transplant from his sister, Mason explained how he is “blessed to have Reiley as a sister and friend. Not only did she literally save my life, but she continues to make it all the more fun and enjoyable every day.” Everyone would agree with Mason in that “Reiley is the best sister anyone can ever ask for.” The Beers siblings are truly unforgettable. Their willingness to help others and exhibit strength in times of weakness inspire the Cape Henry community every day. 

In Reiley’s personal life as well as in the classroom, she is one who will always be on your side. Her eagerness to succeed is evident in everything she takes on. Scott McGraw believes that “Reiley is extremely bright and, more importantly, extremely kind. She makes sure to include everyone in whatever she is doing and brings an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.” Cape Henry thanks you, Reiley, for being the kind person you are, and for setting such an example for the students that will follow in your footsteps. 


Cameron Dodzik (‘21) has attended CHC since pre-kindergarten, making her a Cape Henry legend. Outside of her dedication to academics, Cameron is a 3x State Champion on the Varsity Field Hockey team and a valued member and Captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team. Cameron plans to study interior architecture at the University of Tennessee next year.