Top 5 Christmas Movies You Need to Watch This Holiday Season 

Students and faculty count down their favorite Christmas movie for you to watch this winter break. 

As Christmas is nearing, people are beginning to watch their favorite holiday movies. Hallmark has started their Christmas movie marathon, and plenty of other TV channels are playing holiday movies on repeat. The Cape Henry community is preparing for the holiday season too, looking forward to settling down on the couch with hot chocolate, watching iconic Christmas movies. Here is a countdown of the top five student favorite holiday movies for you to enjoy this holiday season. (No spoilers!)

Number 5: Elf 

Elf is a 2003 Christmas comedy starring Will Ferrell and James Caan. The story follows Buddy, played by Ferrell, a human who was accidentally transported to the North Pole as an infant and raised by elves. After growing up, he feels out of place at the North Pole and goes to the city to meet his biological father, but he finds out his dad is on the naughty list and not a fan of Christmas. Throughout his journey, he spreads Christmas cheer to New York City, falls in love, and exemplifies the theme of accepting people for who they are. Mrs. Lisa Edenfield, executive assistant to the Head of School, said the movie was “absolutely hysterical, and you’ll laugh the whole way through.” She mentioned that she “liked that there is redemption and acceptance for who Buddy the Elf truly is at the end.”   

Number 4: How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

There are many versions of this classic Dr. Seuss story of a grumpy green creature, known as The Grinch, who hated Christmas and everything to do with it. Every rendition of the story follows The Grinch and his dog Max on their quest to destroy Christmas in Whoville by dumping all the presents and decorations off a massive cliff. However, The Grinch’s original feelings about Christmas are compromised by his encounter with Cindy Lou Who. This classic story is about the good feelings of Christmas, and a change of heart, making it a classic movie for the whole family to enjoy. 

Number 3: The Nightmare Before Christmas 

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic Tim Burton claymation movie following the main antagonist-turned-protagonist Jack Skellington – the Pumpkin King and self-proclaimed leader of Halloweentown. Jack accidentally stumbles upon Christmastown, and realizes all that Halloweentown is missing. He devises a plan to become Santa Claus, as he wanted to not only be the king of Halloween, but he was also going to be the king of Christmas too. He employs the citizens of Halloweentown to do the jobs of elves, but all the decorations and presents are twisted with Halloween tricks. Meanwhile, Sally, an undead rag doll is secretly in love with Jack and helps him despite her unsettling vision about Jack getting hurt on his mission. The story is a classic story, combining the eeriness of Halloween and the good feeling of Christmas, with a feel-good lesson learned, and an iconic love story between a skeleton and a rag doll. 

Number 2: Home Alone 

The movie Home Alone follows mischievous 8-year-old Kevin McCallister, who acts out the night before the McCallister family Christmas trip to Paris and is forced to sleep in the attic. The McCallister family accidentally forgets Kevin at home, and Kevin wakes up to find an empty house, which he originally is excited to find. But when con men are plotting to rob the McCallister residence, Kevin has to defend the house alone by setting traps and tricks for the con men. Sarah Blais (‘20) commented on how this is one of her favorite Christmas movies, and “it never gets boring. It’s so fun, entertaining, and exciting.” Many students and faculty alike love watching this movie, as it is a Christmas classic and a family favorite around Christmas time. 

Number 1: The Polar Express 

The Polar Express is a classic Christmas book-turned-movie that has been an iconic story about the true magic of Christmas, and holds a special place in many families’ hearts. The story is about a little boy who is skeptical if Santa and the magic of Christmas exists. His conflicted feelings are sensed by “the magic of Christmas” and the Polar Express comes in the middle of the night and takes him, along with a few other children to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. On the way, they encounter dangers, the boy gets into trouble, and in the end, the boy understands and sees the beauty and reality of Christmas. Sydney Whittaker (‘23) remarks “how interesting [the movie] is” and how “it broke down the meaning and importance to believe in Santa. It’s an easy movie to follow. There are no boring parts throughout the movie,” she adds. She commented on how it’s a film for the whole family to enjoy. 


Enjoy the holiday season, and cuddle up with some good Christmas movies!