Frozen II: Fad or Fab?

The original Frozen movie aired in 2013 and was a massive success, winning multiple awards such as the Academy Awards for best animated feature and best original song. Frozen also won the Golden Globe award for best animated feature, along with recognition from the Grammy awards and BAFTA awards. So, Frozen II had large shoes to fill when it came to fulfilling the audience’s expectations for the long-awaited sequel. After a six year gap, Frozen II hit the ground running in the box office, making over 600 million dollars in the first few weeks of its release. The markings that Frozen II hit even superseded Disney’s expectations amount made on opening day, grossing 120 million as opposed to the projected 100 million. 

Frozen II continues the journey of the main characters Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. The movie begins by Elsa and Anna’s father telling them a story about the Enchanted Forest, a place where two groups met together many years ago with kind gestures of peace to one another. Eventually, one group betrays the other which causes the magical powers of the Enchanted Forest to seal everyone inside, blocking them in with a mystical haze. Elsa hears a voice calling out to her as she and the rest of the main characters leave Arendelle in order to solve the mystery of the Enchanted Forest. 

When polling different groups from the Upper School which included ten people or more whether they had scene Frozen II, the majority of the respondents responded that they have not seen Frozen II. It was found that usually one person or less out of every ten people had watched the movie since its release. For the people who have watched the movie, the general consensus was that it was an overall fun and enjoyable experience to watch. The fact that many people who were polled have not seen the movie depicts that most highschoolers, especially around the time of stress aren’t interested in watching what they deem as a kids movie.

Sierra Guluzian, class of 2020, said that she liked the movie and that it was very well done, especially with respect to the backstory of the characters. When asked if “Frozen II lived up to the original?” Sierra stated that it did, “the storyline was better than the first one and the music was better.” Sierra went on to say that it’s not surprising that Frozen II has already grossed over 600 million dollars because the original was so popular to begin with that it is not surprising that this one is “raking in money.” Sierra believes that “it is definitely worth watching the second movie because it is so different from the original and it gives you a different perspective” and when asked if it is likely there will be a third movie Sierra said that “not for a while but considering how successful it was there will probably be a third.” Sam Stanton, class of 2020, said that “the storyline of Frozen II is much faster than the original movie.” Abbey Trinidad, class of 2020, said that “Frozen II was an enjoyable movie.” 

Overall, Frozen II has been a massive success for Disney so far and has pleased its audience with a story that is engaging and unique from the original film, making it a movie worth watching, especially over the winter break.