Spotlight on Varsity Golf

With their new number 1 state rank, they continue to surprise and please the CHC community. With consistent spectacular efforts from seniors Caleb Choe and James Tyler, they lead the team with positive vibes and great leadership.  The team is also helped by junior Reese Meyer and 8th-grade phenom Miller Carr. The team over the years has been on the rise with increasing their scores and enhancing their ability to hit different shots.  

Senior Captain Caleb Choe had some emotional words to say about this year’s team. He states, “the team this year just clicks, and we always hold each other accountable when one of us needs to step it up. Even though not many people come to watch us play, we all still come ready to work hard and to get better.”  Reese Meyer has a positive outlook for the rest of the season, saying “with our new 1st in the state ranking, it makes the run to a state championship much easier. We have a bye and then have to play a team that we have already beaten.” 

James Tyler added on to Reese’s comment with saying, “Even though a lot of stress is off our shoulders, we as a unit still cannot slack and lack throughout the rest of the season.”  Overall the entire team is on the same page with keeping that dog-mentality and continuing to surprise the CHC community. In asking senior Jason Paphites about the new TCIS player of the year, Caleb Choe, he says that Caleb “is a great leader and role model – on and off the course. He is a special talent topped off with a plethora of hard work and it’s a pleasure to have him a part of the team for so many years.” Lastly, in asking Mr. Palmer (JV Golf coach), the team is looking to prepare for states and he says, “I believe that we have a great chance to win this whole thing.  We have too many weapons and perks over other teams because our team is so well-rounded.”

Personally, I was really excited to go into depth on the golf team because even though they don’t always have tons of fans going out to the courses, they still have die-hard fans and people watching them from all over the state. Always remember, Numbers Don’t Lie.