Cape Henry Student Rachel Kenison Prepares to Study Abroad 

Rachel Kenison is one of the very few students who will study abroad in Spain at Cape Henry Collegiate’s sister school during the second semester of the 2022-2023 academic school year. 

Kenison is currently a junior at Cape Henry Collegiate. Kenison is excited to explore the country of Spain which she has never been to before. She is also looking forward to living like a local in Spain. Kenison is thrilled about making new friends, too!

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and seeing places that I have never been before,”  Kenison said. “I think it will be really cool to be immersed in their culture.” 

Kenison is most nervous about being away from her family for four months. She thinks it will be hard because she has always lived with them. She is going to be living on her own with three people as well. She has never met these people before in her life. Kenison thinks it is going to be an adjustment period. She said she is going to miss being around friends that she knows are not going to judge her. She feels that she is not going to be able to get advice from her friends when she is in a difficult scenario. Kenison is not one to miss trying new things and doesn’t want to be disappointed in herself if she does not go. 

 “I chose to study abroad because I thought it would be a cool opportunity, and I don’t want to regret if I don’t go,” Kenison said. “I wanted to take advantage of it and it’s only four months out of my life.”

Kenison is someone that is special to study abroad as a junior in high school and is excited to do something different. In addition to her travels, she is also an important player on the field hockey team.

Kenison has been playing field hockey since eighth grade. This is Kenison’s sixth year playing field hockey. Kenison played for two years in middle school, one on junior varsity and three on varsity. 

Kenison’s biggest inspiration on the field hockey team is Jillian Somers who is a current senior on the team. Kenison loves her motivation on the field and off. 

“Jill always pushes through and you will never notice that she is tired, she will get these sudden bursts of energy and will always give it her all on the field,” Kenison said.  

Kenison’s position is goalie, and even though she did not choose that position, Mrs. Kim Dooren, Kenison’s coach, said it would be a good spot for Kenison. Ever since 9th grade, she has been a goalie. 

Kenison keeps herself busy, whether it’s on the field hockey team or preparing to study abroad in Spain.