Chris Singleton’s Message Touches all who Listened


The speaker was unanimously well-received by the student body. Chris Singleton spoke about subjects that were close to his heart and therefore the whole room felt the emotion and passion in every word he spoke. As the student body walked out of the Dreyfus Auditorium a sense of happiness fell over everyone. Chris Singleton’s story is heavy but his views and ideas on life allowed everyone to leave with a newfound hope for forgiveness in their hearts.

Stephanie Strickland class of 2020 “liked the speaker a lot.” She enjoyed how the speaker caused everyone in the room to think about forgiveness because “forgiveness is so important.” Stephanie also took away from the speaker to “think twice about kindness.” Stephanie said overall she thoroughly enjoyed the raw “emotion felt the whole time.”

Sophie Lane class of 2020 had similar thoughts to Stephanie Strickland. She also “really likes the speaker and his message.”  Sophie Lane felt the biggest take away from the speaker was how “forgiveness is important and so is treating people equally.” Robert Cambell also added, “I felt moved and happy afterward.”

Chris Singleton overall brought a newly found light of positivity to the whole student body. His message allowed all who listened to reflect on their own lives. Because of the wonderful words spoken by Chris Singleton, the Cape Henry Collegiate School community as a whole will be a more thoughtful and forgiving community.