Humans of Cape Henry: Alex Gianascoli – Class of 2019


Alex has always lived in Virginia Beach in the Great Neck area. He has a mother, father, an older sister, an older brother, and 3 dogs. Alex attended Baylake Pines and John B. Dey for elementary school, Great Neck Middle School, and has attended Cape Henry since 7th grade. He looks to graduate from Cape Henry next June.


Alex’s favorite class is physics because he is interested in machines and how engines work. Alex is also on the varsity baseball team, he is a pitcher and an outfielder and loves all sports. He plays lacrosse on the weekends with his cape henry friends just throwing the ball around, and he loves to draw, he took drawing and painting with Mr. Warden last year and really enjoyed it.

Something most people don’t know about him:

When Alex was asked what was one thing that most people don’t know about him he replied, “That I’m a true artist.” Alex really loves art, mostly drawing. Honestly, he took it as an easy A last year with M.r Warden, but it turned into a real passion of his.

Best Experiences:

Over this past Thanksgiving break, Alex went to the Cowboys-Redskins game in Dallas and he said that was an awesome experience for him because “it was a great game and the Cowboys won.” He has also traveled to some cool places with his family like Wyoming and Italy, and he said those were real eye-openers for him because he got to experience all different cultures.


Alex pitched against Hampton Roads Academy last year and had his best outing of the season, throwing a no-hitter over all 7 innings and won Athlete of the Week for Cape Henry. After receiving the art award his junior year for his drawings in Mr. Warden’s class, he realized that art wasn’t just a passion of his but something he was really good at.

Tough Experiences:

Alex really loves the game of baseball, at Great Neck Middle School Alex tried out for the baseball team in both 6th and 7th grade but didn’t make the team. Then he faced a tough decision should he give up on baseball and play lacrosse like his friends, or should he try and pursue baseball and he decided to do the 2nd option and pursue baseball.

Lessons Learned:

Alex learned to never give up on your dreams no matter how much life drags you down. Also, he learned to follow your passion in whatever subject that is and not let the teacher of the class scare you out of taking it.

Hopes and Plans for the future:

Alex hopes to play college baseball as a pitcher at a division 3 college in Virginia. Also, he wants to be a mechanical engineer and follow that path into the future so he can get a good job in that field.