Deadlines Are Approaching Sooner Than We Think!

Six Cape Henry seniors are hard at work! Grace Fluharty says, “I really used this day to organize myself.”

Six Cape Henry seniors are hard at work! Grace Fluharty says, “I really used this day to organize myself.”

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College deadlines are quickly approaching for the senior class, leaving us with lots of work to still get done! On Wednesday, October 10th, the senior class was given the opportunity of a senior work day. This work day was a great few hours set aside to focus on applications before their due dates. After the half day of college prep, the seniors went to the beach to take the annual beach photos for the yearbook.

Grace Fluharty and Ryan Mancoll both class of ‘19, were asked about the day. When asked about what they thought the purpose of the workday was, Grace responded, “To make sure everyone was on the right track with their applications and to clear up any questions we may have had.” Ryan added that working on our essays was a big part of the purpose of the day. Both Grace and Ryan said that they found the workday helpful, but for different reasons. Grace expressed that she used the time to really organize herself and determine what she still had left to do, while Ryan used this time to request his transcripts. When asked how they felt about having a workday instead of going to school, they agreed that it was helpful and necessary.

When it came to the topic of the beach picture, Grace and Ryan both agreed that the rain was frustrating, but they know they couldn’t control the weather. Ryan also expressed, “It was frustrating having to go all the way back to Cape Henry before I went home because I live so close to the beach.” Grace believes that the yearbook photo on the beach is a good idea that we should continue to do every year. She said the tradition shows our fun community and looks very nice in the yearbook! Overall, the workday was helpful to the senior class as a whole and benefitted each student in different ways.

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