Schoolwork Stress

For students, a lot of stress can stem from school work and the pressures of being a teenager. According to, on average, more than 70% of students state that they feel pressured by the amount of school work they receive per night. Additionally, 56% of students listed homework as a primary stressor. High school students on average receive around at least two hours of homework each night, which can cause extra stress and even less sleep. The students at Cape Henry Collegiate are no exception to this, as 62% of students stated they received 4-6 hours of sleep per night as a result of having to finish homework late. 28% of students said they receive on average 7-9 hours of sleep per night because of less homework or less procrastination.

The students of Cape Henry are divided on the issue of homework causing stress. Out of the four people interviewed, two of them believed that they did not have much stress caused by school as a result of making sure they manage their time well. Abbey Trinidad (‘20) states that nightly homework does not affect her sleep schedule as she makes sure to divide study time to allow for less pressure on her the night before an assignment is due. She states that she studies 2-3 hours the night before a quiz or test, and this does not affect her nightly sleep. Olivia Tucker (‘20) feels the same, stating that whether she has a test or quiz the next day, she receives the same amount of hours of sleep per night. Olivia states that most nights she “plans” her night out so that she does not get less sleep, and always feels prepared for her assignments. She also stated that at this point in the year, she is “used to” having multiple quizzes and tests a week.

Carly Bartel (‘21) disagrees with Olivia and Abbey saying that as a junior, she is trying to keep up with her incoming assignments and deciding about colleges. She states that at nights before quizzes and tests she gets about an hour or two hours less sleep than she does usually. Wyatt Cake (‘20) agrees with Carly stating that he is having a difficult time keeping up with quizzes and tests as well as the stress of college applications. Wyatt stated that he also has a hard time trying to space out his work so it does not stress him out the night before it is due, while Carly explained that while she does space out her work, she still feels stressed the night before it is due. 

Whether schoolwork is a stressor for teenagers depends on the person. Some might say they know how to divide their time and that leads to less stress for them, while others have a harder time getting work done. Cape Henry Collegiate is a diverse community filled with different types of students, and it seems that getting work done ahead of time leads to a better nights sleep and less stress.

Does schoolwork cause stress?