Did Russia Rig the 2016 Election?

Originally slated for publication on December 11, 2016

On Friday it was released that there have been links to Russia and the 2016 election. Now this story isn’t about the recounts in a few states, but that Russia influenced and maybe rigged the election! All throughout the election, President-elect Donald Trump has claimed the election is rigged, and he may be right in one sense. The surprising thing is that it was supposedly rigged in his favor, not Hillary Clinton’s.


Senior Alexandra Beisel commented on the scandal by statin,g “I think it’s hysterical. Of course Russia was involved!”


President Barack Obama has taken action against these claims and has ordered for the CIA to make a full report on any information related to these speculations.


So far the reports haven’t been released, but the breaking news is causing distress to sweep the nation. The President-elect has claimed since the story broke that there was no interference, and that “it’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it.” He also stated during an interview with Fox News that this is happening because of “Democrats” who “are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in history of politics.” Not everyone is following Mr. Trump’s reaction to the story and are calling for action to be taken.


When asked about the comments made by our President-elect, CHC history teacher Scott McGraw commented, “I understand why he would not want anything out there that could call the election results into question, but the legitimacy of our election is important enough that the issue needs to be investigated. It’s not a partisan issue.”


What brings more questions about the hack is how many of Trump’s allies in the campaign can be linked to the Russian government. Some of these individuals include his daughter Ivanka, his pick for national security advisor Michael Flynn, and three other of his top advisors.


However, the senator from Arizona John McCain has stated, “Democrats and Republicans must work together, and across the jurisdictional line of Congress, to examine these recent incidents thoroughly and devise comprehensive solutions to deter and defend against further cyberattacks.” Other members of the republican party, such as Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham are siding with McCain, by claiming the issue needs to be fully investigated. Members of the democratic party are also siding with the Republicans by agreeing with digging further into the scandal.


Former running mate, Hillary Clinton has not made a public statement about the accusations.


Two solutions offered on how to deal with the scandal is “an Electoral College vote that elects Hillary Clinton or a whole new election.”

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