It’s QuaranTime for TV Shows!

During this time of quarantine, the days seem longer, we’re stuck inside with family, and sometimes we run out of board games and finish the puzzle we’ve been working on. A lot of us students are staying up until the sun rises the next day, bingeing popular tv shows that the whole nation is talking about. Even faculty and family are jumping on the train to watch these shows that are getting overwhelmingly positive reviews, wanting to see what the fuss is all about. With boredom setting in, these top 3 TV shows are the saving grace of quarantine so far for teens across America (listed in no particular order):


  • Outer Banks


The recently released Netflix original series, Outer Banks, quickly rose in popularity, collecting a well-deserved fan-base in the past weeks.  Released almost a month ago on April 15th, the amount of love this show and cast have gotten are unbelievable, and the popular show now sits as #1 on Netflix, daring any other show or movie to dethrone it. The show is chock-full of lovable characters and the plot sort of mimics The Goonies, but with a more mature twist. The first 6 episodes are calmer, and make you wish you were visiting the Outer Banks right now despite the Coronavirus outbreak, which is what draws people to it during this time of isolation. The show follows a gang of Pogues, the ruffians of the Outer Banks, and the Kooks, the more high-class folk on the island, centered on a search for treasure and all of the details in between. After the 7th episode, one can’t help but watch with no breaks, with a cliffhanger after every episode. 

Fans of the show have followed and are avid supporters of the cast not only on screen, playing their new favorite characters, but also off-screen. The cast is constantly interacting with fans and has such a tight bond that is clear across their social media accounts. “I love interacting with them when they go live on Instagram, it definitely shows me more of them as people, and it’s so fun to be a part of such a great fanbase,” says Allie Angelo, ‘20.

Outer Banks is the #1 Netflix show at the moment for a reason, and you won’t be disappointed once you start watching!


  • All American 


Kicking off quarantine, a new season of All American was released onto Netflix for all to binge. This popular CW show was consistently popular for a considerable amount of time before quarantine, but with everyone searching for new shows, this gem caught the eyes of many.

All American is based on the true-life story of Spencer Paysinger, who is played by Daniel Ezra in the show, and follows young Spencer throughout his journey as a football player, as well as the social aspects that are involved in his everyday life. Rachael Sifen, ‘20, comments that “the personality in this show is so amazing; I love the characters and the plot. Every episode keeps me coming back for more.”

The teen drama is anything but; although it does contain dramatic moments and scenes, the show contains a deeper plot that keeps viewers watching and wanting more. The show currently has 2 seasons – the perfect amount for a healthy binge right about now.


  • Tiger King


Tiger King had been all the rage around the time All American was trending the charts, the two sharing the spotlight on Netflix’s top hit list for a while!

To say this show is quirky and odd would be an understatement; Reiley Beers, ‘20, saying that “I don’t like it and don’t think I can finish it”, also commenting that the scheme of the show “made me very uncomfortable”, an opinion with which many people could agree upon. However, many people enjoyed the show and gave them something to laugh about during quarantine, some people even setting up a poll for their mail delivery drivers to put the packages under a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband!

A poll was sent out to a random selection of high schoolers within Cape Henry, and from the results, the conclusion made was that Outer Banks has been the best quarantine show so far, with 67% of people saying that Outer Banks was their favorite, 22% saying All American was their favorite, and 11% saying Tiger King was their favorite. The reasoning behind this? So far into isolation, teens – and even adults – across the map are searching for ways to relate, and TV shows are the perfect way to do so. Grab the popcorn because you won’t want to miss these binge-worthy shows!