The Benefits of Doodling

Does it really help you concentrate?

For some, doodling is a means of passing the time in a boring class; for others, it is a way to help them concentrate. Doodling is a fun way for many people to express their creativity and to get their brains active to help them focus. Doodling allows one to be active with their hands which increases their attention and focus they are giving to a subject or class, rather than just zoning out. 

When asked if doodling helps you learn, former AP art 11th-grade student Phoebe More responded saying “Yeah, it helps better on certain topics and it is better for me to doodle and listen than to just stare at a wall and zone out.” Phoebe went on to say that “I draw a lot in general and that doesn’t require all of my attention which is why it helps me focus in class sometimes.” Phoebe also states that some of the downsides of doodling could be that the teacher “doesn’t know if a student is focusing while doodling” which can be seen as disrespectful. Doodling the same pictures that relate to a certain subject has helped Phoebe when studying, and doodling has been a fun past time as well. 

Mrs. Erbig, a middle and high school art teacher, had a similar view on doodling. Mrs.Erbig stated that she doodles “usually due to boredom” yet it “helps me focus and not look around at everything.” When asked, “Do you believe doodling helps you concentrate?” Mrs.Erbig states that “in some cases yes, doodling usually helps me concentrate during a lecture.” She believes that for some students “doodling helps them work but it’s not for everyone.” 

When Simon Altmeyer, an active doodling enthusiast and a senior at Cape Henry Collegiate, was asked “Do you doodle?” he exclaimed, “Yes, quite often!” When asked if he believed that doodling helps him learn and concentrate? Simon Altmeyer stated, “It helps me engage my brain so if I’m fully zoning out, it allows me to pay more attention and zone in to focus.” For Simon, it is simply “something to do with my hands.” One of the downsides to doodling is that “most teachers take it as I’m not paying attention but using my hands activates my brain and makes it so I am able to focus again as it stimulates my brain.” When asked if he has any final thoughts, Simon responded with “Doodling helps calm me down and it has been amazing. It built me into the man I am today.” 

Doodling is a fun way to activate your mind and keep you at least somewhat focused in class while also providing a bit of character to your notes. So if you haven’t tried out doodling, you should because maybe it could help you have a fun outlet in class to make you more focused.