Athlete of the Week – Charlotte Purkey – Week of May 10, 2019

A mainstay on the Varsity Girls Lacrosse defensive line since her eighth-grade year, this week’s Athlete of the Week, senior Charlotte Purkey, transitioned to attack in the final regular season game of her senior year and has elevated the Dolphins’ play tenfold. Selflessly transitioning to a new position with an undetermined number of games left in her season is a testament to the quiet and tenacious leadership Purkey provides the Dolphin Lacrosse program.

After 91 games and countless practices as a defenseman for the Dolphin Varsity Girls Lacrosse, Charlotte made her transition to the attacking third of the turf on May 1, 2019, against Norfolk Academy. Through three games in her new role, Purkey has made a name for herself as a formidable attacking presence.

“We entered the Norfolk Academy game with one request of the players.  We asked them to give their full effort for two full halves.  Cha was instrumental in the mission.  With no hesitation, she moved from her role as a defender into that of a leading scorer.  She was positive and eager to perform her new role,” Head Coach Kim Dooren said of Charlotte Purkey.

Charlotte was nothing short of spectacular in her first outing on the attack, leading the team in scoring with four goals. While the Dolphins fell 13-18 to the Bulldogs, it was the performance from Purkey, which kept the Dolphins in the contest.

“Charlotte had a stellar performance in our game versus Norfolk Academy.  All season long, she has started on the defensive end of the field.  We knew that she had a crafty stick, but Charlotte embraced the position change and was eager to be a goal scorer.  She proved herself in her first game on attack,” Coach Dooren continued.

Through three games on attack, Charlotte has connected for 13 goals and assisted five. Purkey has averaged four goals a game since making the transition and is poised to continue to offer a potent Dolphin attack yet another scoring option as Cape Henry prepares for a Division II State Championship run. While the offensive statistics provide a glimpse into the player Purkey has become, the finer details the fans are not able to see are what makes Charlotte a tremendous asset to the Dolphin Athletic Program.

“Cha is passionate about her teammates, the program, and Cape Henry Collegiate.  She cares and strives to give her best to the team each day.  She critically evaluates how the team is performing and does her best to keep everyone on the same page.  She is behind the scenes leader and consistently places the team before herself.  She has been very supportive with all of the coaching decisions, and if she had one wish, it would be that our last game ended with a victory,” Head Coach Kim Dooren finished of Purkey.

With the State Tournament set to begin Tuesday, May 14, the Dolphins have the opportunity to send Purkey off with her one final wish as a member of Girls Lacrosse; finish the season with a win. As the Dolphins prepare for a Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday State Tournament run, Charlotte and the entire Dolphin Girls Lacrosse program will look to complete Purkey’s wish and win the Division II State Lacrosse Tournament.