Athlete of the Week – Caroline Beaulieu – Class of 2019 – Week of December 14, 2018


The 2019 Winter Athletic season is underway for Cape Henry Collegiate, and the youngest Varsity team on campus belongs to the Dolphins’ Cheerleading program. Varsity Cheer features ten athletes brand new to Varsity Cheerleading, facing pressures they have not experienced to this point. Leading the team in every sense of the word, this week’s Athlete of the Week, captain Caroline Beaulieu, has become an extension of the coaching staff and the lone senior guides 20 student-athletes while creating energy and excitement at all Cape Henry Athletic events.

Caroline joined Varsity Cheerleading as a 10th Grade student, taking a season off during her freshman year. She made an immediate impact on the court, bringing an infectious smile and gracious attitude to practice and games every single day. Fast-forward to senior year and Caroline is often mistaken as a coach, leading and guiding the young roster with the knowledge acquired through three years on the mats. “She leads by example and always has a positive attitude,” Head Coach Julie Ramsey said of Caroline, “She is able to help the other cheerleaders learn the routines and material without being severely critical.” When walking through the gym, Caroline is often at the front of the mat providing guidance and positive reinforcement to the younger athletes. While it may frustrate teammates to learn and teach routines for the third and fourth seasons, Caroline never shies away from providing an example to make the team better as a whole. “Caroline consistently offers positive critiques so the team as a whole can improve,” Coach Ramsey continued of Caroline. “She practices patience and persistence while teaching new material to the members of the team.” Patience is key to a novice roster featuring many student-athletes new to the sport of cheerleading. The younger members face an uphill climb being new to a roster that has perfected routines for many years and have experienced performing in front of crowds several times prior to 2019.

Watching Caroline guide and ease the new members of the team into a new role is refreshing from an outside perspective, and it appears to have the same effect on the new members of the team who have now performed for the Cape Henry crowds flawlessly. “Caroline has a commitment and dedication to her entire team that is unmatched. As the only senior on this roster, she is leading a very young team with grace and we are extremely grateful for Caroline,” Coach Ramsey finished of Caroline. The Dolphins are a fixture in the Winter Athletic season, providing help and spirit at wrestling tournaments, supporting the swim program at meets throughout the city, and leading an energetic Dolphin crowd at both boys and girls basketball games. This group of athletes, led by Caroline Beaulieu, may be young but are exceptionally talented. The entire Dolphin community is excited to watch Caroline and the rest of the Dolphin Cheerleaders continue to fill the gym with spirit.