A Fantasy World

For decades, fantasy football has been a great way for family, friends, and strangers to come together in the excitement of managing a football team. Fantasy football is a game that is created to spark the fun, and competitive side of an NFL fan. It is the most fun when it is played with a group of people that are close friends or family, looking for friendly competition. One must begin this game by signing up for the game and to create the fantasy football account. Next, the individual is able to hand select each NFL player that he/she wants on their roster. Once the personalized team is created, it is game time! Each week, two teams are matched up in your fantasy league, just as it is done in the real NFL. These two teams compete, and people cross their fingers in hope that their hand-picked fantasy players perform well. Ultimately, behind every smartphone or computer screen, is an exhilarated competitor, with a love for the game of football.

Many fantasy football competitors are within the walls of Cape Henry. When they were asked about their experiences and feelings about the fantasy football league, the responses were mixed with the good and bad highlights of the game. Marshall Joyce (‘19) decided it was best for him to not participate in fantasy football this season, based on his results last year. Marshall managed a team last year where he invested his time and money into creating it. His player selections did not perform as he had wanted them to last season, which led his competitive temper to “throw the computer because of the frustration that [he] was faced with. “I was not getting any points, and my entire family was beating me.”  Marshall’s fantasy football experience terminated relatively quickly, but he had fun with the whole concept of creating a team of his own and watching it all unfold from TV screen to his smartphone. Marshall added, “Fantasy is fun because people just enjoy football and good competition, and trying to create the perfect team.” Even without a fantasy team this season, Marshall continues to be a top supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers and is enjoying following their success this season.

Also a senior this year, Stock Watson enjoys fantasy football. “Fantasy is simply the next best thing for anyone who has a dream of creating and running a professional football team.” Stock personally follows football for the “excitement and unpredictability that comes with each game,” and spends his time focused in on any game starring his special team, the Green Bay Packers.

Lastly, two faculty members were interviewed to see their thoughts on fantasy football. Greg Angilly, Director of Student Life at Cape Henry, is very invested in his fantasy football team. “I play because it is an easy way to win some cash, it provides great competition, and it is marketed really well.” Angilly shared how he has always been very connected with sports, but he was at his strongest point a few years ago and has simmered down only slightly with how he lets his sports obsession affect him. In previous years, Angilly laughs about how he took every loss and win to heart as if it was his very own. Now, he rates himself at a 7 out of 10, for his level of interest and devotion to fantasy football. “To me, fantasy football is always going to stick around because of how it taps into the male fascination of football.”  Robert Woodhouse, Head of Security for Cape Henry, adds, “Fantasy will always stick around; it has been around for close to 30-40 years, and it has excited so many people because of its gambling aspect.” These two faculty members at Cape Henry agree that fantasy football is something that has always been anticipated, and is such a good money maker for the competitors and the league, that it will be popular year after year.