Hurricane Florence – Weathering the Unknown

As many anxious homeowners in the Hampton Roads area watched as the path of Hurricane Florence unfolded, there were definitely moments of concern. With an unpredictable storm like Florence, it was necessary for people in the affected areas to make big decisions in a short amount of time. Although the Hampton Roads area really did not get at all what we were predicting, it was still a huge scare to our area, and to the CHC community.

Cape Henry was out of school for four days due to the weather predictions, and to allow families to seek the shelter/comfort that they needed. Jamie Friedman, senior at Cape Henry, was luckily not in an evacuation zone, and she was able to spend the days off in the comfort of her home. She spent her time off “relaxed while catching up on a lot of studying.” Jamie spent her days off focused on her studies and was “not interested in keeping up with the storm because school was already canceled,” which was all that she was hoping for.

John Ermini, also a senior at Cape Henry, was not as thrilled to be out of school in some aspects. John felt that “school was canceled way too early, which piled on more work than expected.” In his opinion, he “did not enjoy doing online assignments because it caused procrastination and led (him) to face the consequences of not doing his work early.” Aside from all of the work he was assigned, John was grateful to not be in an evacuation zone, and that the storm shifted away from our hometown.

Cape Henry certainly feels for those who have lost everything in this storm, and we will continue to keep the affected people in close thoughts.