CHC Welcomes Izzy Ezagui

On Thursday, September 6th, Cape Henry Collegiate welcomed Izzy Ezagui, the only man in the Israeli Army with one arm. Fiona Clunan and Olivia Van Horn both class of ‘19, had much to say about his amazing speech. Fiona Clunan introduced our speaker to the school, and when asked what stood out to her the most, she responded that he had a goal and didn’t let physical barriers get in the way of him achieving and following his passion. Olivia Van Horn added that she learned from him to never give up on your dreams no matter what happens to you. Fiona Clunan expressed that Izzy brought an important message and lesson to our community. The lesson he brought was to never take the easy way out and that most worthwhile things take hard work and resilience. When asked what words they would use to describe Izzy, they responded with tenacious and inspiring. Fiona chose tenacious because he didn’t let obstacles allow him to deviate from his path. Olivia selected inspiring because of the choice he made to return to the military after losing his arm. Olivia’s dad was a commander master chief in the Navy Seals. She can relate to Izzy’s life through that connection. When asked why we bring distinguished speakers to CHC, Fiona suggested it is important for our community to see perspectives of people from all parts of life. Fiona also believes that at Cape Henry we live in a bubble, and bringing speakers in, breaks that bubble because we are being exposed to real-life situations. Fiona also expresses that she would like to see more speakers that are from a variety of international countries. She believes this would open our perspectives to more sides of life, poverty, and racism. Overall, both Fiona and Olivia really enjoyed listening to Izzy Ezagui’s story, and both girls expressed that he was one of their favorite speakers that have come to the Cape Henry community.