Volleyball: More than Kills, Digs, and Sets


Photo Credit: Daniel Burke

Throughout the course of the 2016 Varsity Girls volleyball season, tremendous improvements have been made since previous seasons. Junior Veronica Beggs stated, ¨This season has been more team like because we always cheer each other on and have positive attitudes towards each other.” Before a volleyball game, most everyone gets nervous. Veronica was asked how these nerves are eased; for her, “Music and not sitting around gets me pumped. This helps me feel motivated when I get to the game.” Veronica shared, “It also helps a lot when there is a crowd cheering for us.”

During this year’s season, volleyball had many exciting games. According to Veronica, the games that stood out the most were against two huge rivals. She said, “The biggest game this season was when we played NA, but the best game was when we played Salem High School.”

Similar responses were given from sophomore Genevieve Reynolds. Genevieve has been playing volleyball for 5 years and she wanted to share her opinion on this year’s volleyball season. “As a team we get along better and we are more molded. There isn’t really a lot of separation between all of us.” Genevieve shared that the best way to get pumped before a big game is to listen to music. When she was asked what makes her feel better and more comfortable on the court, she responded, “When people cheer for me, it makes me feel more motivated to do better.” She was also questioned about any type of special rituals they do before a game. Genevieve responded, “We never watch the other team shag their balls. This keeps us from wondering how they are going to play so we play how we play without either getting intimidated or too confident.” She also said, “Before a game we all count to three and say ‘Let’s kick some butt!’ and then we jump up and kiss the door.”

All of these remarks and comments show how much passion these two girls have for their team. As a whole, it has been said that this season has been one of the best because they feel “tightly knitted.” Nothing like sports to connect and build the CHC community.