Spring Break 2020

Who needs it most?

The end of winter break, back to long days of school with no breaks in the schedule, with the anticipation of February 28th. 3:20, everyone gets out for their long-awaited spring breaks. Many students and their families raced to pack for their red-eyes and next morning flights to tropical islands, snow-covered mountains, and bustling streets of Europe. Planes, trains, and automobiles were all used to get to students spring break locations, even those who took a stay-cation at home, which is just as relaxing as any faraway beach. Some will come back with frostbite, and some will come back with a little too much sun, but all the same, students, their friends, and families most definitely had fun on their relaxing week-long break. Senior spring break may be the last time the seniors can really connect and make some memories with each other before shipping off to college in the fall. 

Stephanie Strickland, one of this year’s seniors, spent her spring break living it up in Miami, Florida with a cool down in Marco Island. Rachel Moore and Sam Stanton traveled with a friend from Norfolk Academy, Sarah Bimson to the sandy beaches of Florida, spending their days soaking up the sun on a relaxing boat. Caroline Dixon and Allie Angelo traveled back to their hometowns, Caroline feeling welcomed by her old friends in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Allie welcomed by her family and some extremely fun flea markets in Texas. Reiley Beers flew all the way to Arizona with her younger brother Mason, taking a 4-hour nap when she arrived home on Saturday to decompress; surely something most students did when they arrived home from a long trip.

A typical spring break for the students of Cape Henry consists of Wintergreen or somewhere out west where they can shred the slopes and catch some snow, whether it be snowboarding or skiing. Carter Atherton, Reese Meyer, and Jacob Copeland, all friends since they were little kids went on spring break together in the mountains to spend time in the snow. Colby Kassir, Tyler Greason, and Jack Kainer all traveled to Jamaica and floated the rivers for a couple days before heading back to face the cold of chilly Virginia Beach. Addison Cox jetted off to Europe to meet up with an old British friend, Arial Fiske de Gouveia, whom many of us know and remember from her time at CHC. Ava Mager and Anne Porter Hudgins enjoyed a stay-cation at home to catch up with themselves and truly break from the stressors of school. Mager caught up on some urgent school work, but also found time to take a day trip to Richmond with her mom and do a little bit of much-needed shopping. Trent Jones joined his family on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

A spring forward on Saturday might be disrupting for some spring breakers, but others might be a great excuse to get in some extra zzz’s before school starts up again on Monday. All in all, spring break week is always a highly anticipated break, right before the long-haul of three months before summer. Hang in there.