Sam Stanton – Athlete of the Week – January 3, 2020

Now in his fourth year with the Dolphins’ Varsity Swim Program, this week’s Athlete of the Week, senior captain Sam Stanton, is off to the fastest start to his Cape Henry Collegiate Swim career. Through two competitions, Sam has accounted for seven top-three finishes across both individual and relay events. Anchoring each team-relay event, while also excelling individually in both Freestyle and Backstroke events throughout his tenure, Sam became an instant leader for Cape Henry Collegiate Swim the moment he touched the water. Now in his final season and a second-year captain, Sam has mastered what it takes to lead both in and out of the water.

“Sam is admired not just for his outstanding performance in the pool but for his incredible leadership within our program,” Head Coach Bryan Rudolph began of Sam Stanton. “As a senior captain, Sam leads by example and is looked up to by the younger swimmers. He puts his all into his training and enjoys racing at the highest level.”

Through two competitions in the 2019 – 2020 Varsity Swim season, Sam has already tallied seven top-three finishes, including a first-place and a second-place finish in individual competition. Kicking off the season at the Woodberry Forest Relay Carnival, Sam carried the Dolphins’ relay teams. Accounting for the highest finish of the day, Sam anchored the Freestyle Relay team, resulting in a second-place finish. Sam followed the performance with third-place finishes in the Ladder Freestyle Relay and Mixed Freestyle Relay, respectively.

“Sam seems stronger in the pool this year and is poised to make the most of his senior year,” Coach Rudolph continued of Stanton. “He has shown great competitive spirit in meets already and has grown in his role as captain this year. Every member of the team looks up to him, and it is fun to see him excel in that role.”

In the December 12 Norfolk Academy Meet, Sam carried the Dolphins’ Boys’ side to a second-place overall finish, finishing all four of his races in either first- or second-place overall. Marking the highest finish for all Cape Henry Collegiate boys, Sam took home the gold in the 200 Freestyle before earning second-place in the 100 Backstroke. Joining his teammates for the relays, Sam guided the 200 Free and 400 Free relay teams to second-place finishes.

“Sam is one of the most efficient swimmers I have ever coached. He makes swimming look so easy and natural,” Head Coach Bryan Rudolph finished of Sam Stanton. “He gives great examples of techniques and helps to show other ways to improve. He always pushes himself in practice to be better and will look to cap off an incredible career at our championship meets in February.”

Through four years with Cape Henry Collegiate, Sam has undeniably made his mark in Cape Henry Collegiate Swim history. Taking pride in being a member of Dolphin Swim, his work in practice and competition set a prime example of excellence for the young men and women hoping to carry his effort and attitude on to the younger members of the roster. While his presence will be sorely missed once he graduates in June, Sam is poised to carry the Dolphins for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season. First, Sam and the Dolphins will travel to Williamsburg for the Walsingham Academy meet on January 11.