Hoop, There it is!

CHC students share their thoughts on this year’s Varsity boys basketball team


Christian Moore (‘21) dribbles between two Benedictine defenders, Cape Henry defeated Benedictine with a final score of 76-64. Photo credit: Dan Burke

In the winter at CHC, upper school students begin to prepare for exams. While this can be stressful, everyone looks forward to watching our boys basketball team compete after school. Over the past years, Cape Henry’s basketball team has had promising talent, like Devon Hall and Chris Clarke. Cape Henry has proven to be one of the best public or private high school basketball teams in the 757 each year. With season opener victory against powerhouse Benedictine, our team shows a lot of promise this year. For the seniors of our community, they have seen the ups and downs of our basketball program over the past few years.  A couple of seniors were interviewed about how they view our boys basketball team this year and what they enjoy about the basketball games. A controversial poll question was asked a lot of students of the upper school, Who is the best shooter on the team?

Tyler Greason (‘20) was asked what he likes about watching our boys basketball team. Tyler responded,  “I love the atmosphere of the student section because we are really loud. I also enjoy the fact that our basketball team is really good and it creates a problem for the opponent.” He was then asked who he thinks will make a big impact on the team this year and he responded, “I think Greg Melvin (‘22) is going to be a big factor for our team, considering the vicious dunk he had against Benedictine. He also puts up quality points and gets a lot of rebounds.” Tyler was asked to predict how he thinks the team will do this season. Tyler responded, “ I think the team can easily win TCIS but there are a few really good schools they would need to beat to win states. Overall I think they will have a good year.”

Marco Bennedetto (‘20)  was asked what he likes about watching our boys basketball team. He said, “I like getting rowdy at the games and watching the boys ball out – they represent Cape Henry well.” He was then asked who he thinks on the team will impact us this year and he responded, “I think Bryson Spell (‘21) will turn some heads this year, especially after the college offers he got this summer. I also think George Cutler (‘22) will do a great job running the point guard position.” Marco was finally asked what his prediction for this year’s basketball team would be and he responded “I think if we play at our best, we can win TCIS and a State Championship. We have the players and the right coach to get the job done.”

Lastly, Justin Belote (‘20) was asked about our boys basketball team. Justin was asked what he likes about attending the games. He said, “I enjoy watching the games with my friends and getting loud for the guys on the court.” He was then asked who he thinks will impact the team this year and he responded “I think Christian Moore (‘2)1 and Jarrell “Terry” Pope will be good shooters for the team, but don’t sleep on Lane Carlson (‘20).” I asked Justin his prediction for this year’s team and he said, “We have only played a few games so I am not sure how we will do, but I think we will win a TCIS championship and possibly a state championship if we play at our best”.

A debating topic was brought to the upper school body. The question was, who is the best shooter on the team? Clearly everyone knew Christian Moore (‘21) was the star shooter last year but Jarrell Terry Pope (‘21) has come out of retirement and has splashed some threes this year. 70% of the upper school think Christian is the best shooter while 30% think Jarrell is the best shooter. To be fair, not everyone in the upper school has seen Jarrell play basketball. Regardless, these two are the best shooters in the school and both of the young men show that on the basketball court. Do you think someone else is the best shooter? What are your predictions about this season? Feel free to type in the comment section below.