Dolphins kick off season at Woodberry Forest

The Dolphins traveled to Woodberry Forest on Saturday to kick off competition as the Dolphins returned with five stellar finishes on the day. Leading the way on the girls’ side, Maya Strach, Shannon Tadder, Elise Verfurth, and Carlie Meyerholz completed the Freestyle Relay in fourth place. Maya Strach and Shannon Tadder teamed up once again to capture third place in the IM Relay to round out the top-five finishes for the girls. On the boys’ side, Gavin Cake, George Sullivan, Zach Frey, and Sam Stanton recorded a second-place finish in the Freestyle Relay, with Robbie Escalera joining Cake, Sullivan, Frey, and Stanton to earn third place in the Ladder Freestyle Relay. Rounding out the highlights for the Dolphins, Zach Frey, Sam Stanton, Maya Strach, and Shannon Tadder teamed up to capture third place in the Mixed Freestyle Relay. The Dolphins are back in action Thursday for the Norfolk Academy Meet, beginning at 5:00 pm.