Connor Garrison – Athlete of the Week – October 11, 2019


Photo Credit: Mr. Daniel Burke

As one of six of the Dolphin Varsity Soccer Athletes with two TCIS and two DI State Championships under his belt, this week’s Athlete of the Week, senior captain Connor Garrison, finds himself leading the 2019 Dolphins to yet another brilliant start to the season. Anchoring the defensive line, Garrison does not always lead the Dolphins with statistics, but ask any one of the Varsity Soccer members; Connor is a true leader. Picking up teammates in times of need, holding teammates accountable on and off the field, and embodying the Dolphins’ team-first mantra, Connor Garrison encapsulates everything it takes to be not just a captain but a true leader in the Cape Henry community.


“If you watch us play, you will not find a better player, a better leader on and off the field, or a person who fits the “the team as the star” mentality more than Connor Garrison,” Head Coach Dave Brun said of captain Connor Garrison. “We have a team of guys who embody our team-first mentality, but Connor takes this to the level of few who have ever played in this program- and this is no disrespect to the countless members of Dolphin soccer.”


Garrison is no stranger to leading in the community, as he also serves as a Peer Leader for the incoming Freshman at Cape Henry Collegiate.  However, Connor’s easy-going personality off the field is only matched by his desire to win on the field. If you listen carefully to the sounds on the pitch, it is impossible to miss the leadership exuded from the centerback position. Whether congratulating teammates for making the right play or holding teammates accountable for mental mistakes and half-effort, Connor is fearless in his effort to win his third ring in as many years on the Varsity Soccer Team. Most importantly, Garrison has observed and learned what it will take to win on the big stage for the third straight year, and is going to push his teammates to meet those expectations despite the giant target on the team’s back this season.


“Last year, Connor was seen tirelessly running the left side of the field. Most notably, in the TCIS semifinal, he saved a ball from his back on our end line, and seconds later, was found in the opponents’ penalty box being dragged down for a pk,” Coach Brun continued of Connor Garrison. “This season, he has moved centrally to anchor our defensive efforts while providing key composure on the ball as our first line of attack.”


In the style of soccer the Dolphins have become known for in the soccer community, the game plan would fall apart without a steady, rock-solid leader on the backline. Connor Garrison is the epitome of rock-solid, allowing the coaching staff the flexibility to move players like Jack Kainer and Carter Atherton all over the field without the fear of losing a step on the defensive half of the field.


 “I have an often-used expression. ‘You need to flip the switch on, and keep it on!’ Connor takes this to the highest level in training and games. Get dialed in, see things develop, and think ahead. Be relentless in pursuit of victory. Leave no unanswered questions. Leave with no excuses. Meet Connor Garrison,” Coach Dave Brun finished of Garrison.


The Dolphins have a long road left back to the TCIS and State Finals in 2019 after back-to-back titles in ‘17 and ‘18. However, with a captain voted unanimously by his teammates at the helm, the Dolphins are trending in the right direction with the top-spot in the TCIS, the State, and a 15th National Ranking according to the USA Today coaches poll. With a 12-1 record thus far in 2019, Connor Garrison and the Dolphins must first battle through the remaining TCIS schedule, beginning with Peninsula Catholic on Friday, October 11.