Dolphins shutout Spartans in Tuesday’s win

The Dolphins traveled to Richmond on Tuesday afternoon for a TCIS matchup against the Spartans from Steward School and returned home with a 3-0 victory. The Dolphins were on the board first, striking for the night’s first goal eight minutes into the first half. Livy Wallace, earning the assist on the play, found Gini Kainer in front of the cage as Kainer finished the eventual game-winner. The Dolphins were held scoreless for the final 22 minutes of the first half en route to a 1-0 halftime lead for Cape Henry. The Dolphins scored the second of the night five minutes into the second half as Ali Gordon gave the Dolphins cushion on a corner from Caroline Fluharty. Sealing the victory for the Dolphins, Mackenzie Dillon recorded the final score of the night on a corner from Ali Gordon to give the Dolphins a 3-0 lead with 12 minutes to play. In the cage for the Dolphins, Aleezah Adams and Tori Winans each recorded two saves and combined for the shutout on Tuesday night. The Dolphins (7-3) are back in action Friday as the girls travel to St. Catherine’s School.