The CHC community shares the ways they remain healthy and happy during times of high stress.

September is an exciting time for students to get back into a routine but with that comes stress. The Cape Henry Community is such a positive environment, but have you ever thought about why?
It is because the community is built up of positive motivated people. It isn’t always easy to make the transition from summer to September but role models in the community shared some of their habits to make this year a great one for your health, wellness, and overall well being.  Here are 4 Healthy Habits to get you started!

  1.  Starting off your day right – Waking up early for school may be the most apparent adjustment. It isn’t always easy to wake up in the morning. Waking up always starts with going to bed early. Going to bed early can be a struggle for many due to procrastinate but the more work done in school the more sleep you will get. Mr.Facemire enjoys waking up “at 5 am to meditate.” Giving yourself the time to reflect and prepare for the day improves. According to Sleep Advisor, the most successful people wake up at 5 am. Getting enough sleep is not easy but it helps your productivity of the day to follow significantly. Sleep is essential to remain happy and motivated. Sleep even helps your digestive system move properly and improves the overall function of your body.
  2.   Staying organized –  Going to bed early is a challenge if your work isn’t complete. Staying organized is the best way to maintain productivity. Keeping a planner is a great way to start. Allison Jared shared that “color coding” her binders has helped her stay organized. Ali Gordon also shared that getting her “work done at home” has taken the stress off of her day and made everything less stressful. Everyone has their favorite way to stay organized, through the use of their locker, binders, notebooks, and so much more. With that also ties keeping your room clean to have a productive and happy place to work and succeed. 
  3. Daily Exercise – Daily exercise does not mean you have to go to the gym every day. Doing things such as “using the stairs” and “parking far away” gives you small but effective ways to stay active. Coach Jac (assistant Varsity girls tennis coach) implements both every day. Will working out fitness coach Phil explains that adding “two days of strength training” to your week is benefic for your body to prevent sports-related injuries. Mrs. Fluharty, for example, goes on “daily walks to get exercise and fresh air.” All forms of daily exercise are good for you menytally and physically.
  4. Eating Smart Eating smart is something many people try for but sometimes fall short. Coach Deaton (Girls Tennis Coach) says, “after eating healthier I feel cleaner happier and less tired.” Knowing where to start in terms of eating healthy is important. Trainer Phil shared wisdom, he said, “stay away from juices and drinks high in calories, they make it seem healthy but really they are high in calories.” Instead, just eat the actual fruit.

Now that you have some healthy habits to get you started, what are you going to do with this new knowledge?