Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Review

The new Popeyes chicken sandwich has recently gained serious popularity in the food industry. Since its release on August 12, 2019, it has been at the center of attention. It has been estimated that Popeyes has sold one thousand sandwiches a day and has made sixty-five million dollars. In only two weeks after its nationwide debut on August 12, the sandwich was sold out. The hype behind the sandwich has caused lines at Popeye’s that have been in some cases multiple hours long. Wyatt Cake from the class of 2020 said that he wanted to get the sandwich because, “there was so much hype around it.” When he was asked how he heard about it he said, “I heard from the news and everyone running their mouths about it.” This new chicken sandwich has become a nationwide phenom as it has made front headlines in the food industry. 

The price of the sandwich is $3.99. It is made with a fried chicken filet, sour pickles, and mayonnaise on a brioche bun. There are different variations of the sandwich. There is a classic chicken sandwich, a spicy chicken sandwich, and a buttermilk chicken sandwich. The most popular one is the classic chicken sandwich. When it comes to the size of the sandwich, Byron Richards from the class of 2020 said, “It is pretty big sandwich.” 

According to most people that have been interviewed, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is very tasty. Marco Benedetto from the class of 2020 said, “When I took my first bite, I could feel the crispiness rushing through my entire body.” Thousands of people could relate to Marco’s comments on the sandwich. When asked about how it compared to the new KFC sandwich, Carsen Shade from the class of 2021 said, “Though both of the sandwiches taste pretty good, I prefer the Popeyes chicken sandwich because it is the healthier choice.” This comment is actually true as the buns on the KFC chicken sandwich are replaced with donuts. Like Popeyes, the new KFC sandwich has a huge amount of hype surrounding it which has brought major competition to the stage. 

Though the sandwich is very good according to most, there is a large price to pay to get the sandwich. When the sandwich was released, Popeyes locations around the country have had wait times over that could last up to multiple hours. Lines for drive thrus would be wrapped around blocks. Will Longacher from the class of 2020 said, “I waited an hour and a half to get my sandwich.”

When it comes to competition, there are three extremely popular chicken sandwiches with an honorable mention in fourth place going to the Wendy’s Homestyle Crispy Chicken Sandwich. The top three not in order are currently the Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich, the KFC donut sandwich, and of course, the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. While Popeyes and KFC’s sandwiches are new, the Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich has been in the game for a long time and has been able to maintain its popularity after all these years. The real question is: Who has the best chicken sandwich?

The new Popeyes chicken sandwich has brought a whole new hype to the food industry. It has reeled in millions of dollars and has been the topic of many conversations. Will the sandwich’s popularity last forever, or will it just fade away like most things?