Are video games causing problems?


Beau Gwaltney Cape Henry class of 2020 says he does play video games, he loves to play games like Call of Duty and Modern warfare frequently. Beau also said that even though he does enjoy playing the games a lot he would never let his love for video games get in the way of his school work because “my parents would be really mad because they are kind of paying for me to go to school”. Beau tries to play video games in his free time which he says usually isn’t during the week but he did say if he had to guess how many hours he spends playing the game Monday through Friday he’d say it is somewhere around 7-8 hours all together which is not a lot compared to other students I know of.


Wyatt Cake Cape henry class of 202o says he does play video games and from his perspective video games can cause problems but he feels that most students at this school are responsible enough and understand that video games can’t get in the way of their school work because that should always come first. Wyatt also said that the amount of time he spends on video games hasn’t had an affect on him because he does his best to play when he has free time to play because of the amount of school work he has during the weeks so he does not typically play video games during the week but he said if he had to guess maybe he spends about 2 hours on the game a week. He did add that he spends a lot of time on his phone during the week and weekends which seems to be the case with most tennagers.


Jack Kainer Cape Henry class of 2020 does play video games however unlike the other students I interviewed Jack said he doesn’t play video games during the week, not because he doesn’t want but because his parents dont allow him to play during the weekdays because they feel that it will get in the way of his school work. Jack said they have good reasoning to believe that it would get in the way of his school work because “it has already gotten in the way before” he does play a lot on the weekends though he said is he had to guess from Saturday to Sunday depending on what he has going on he might play around 10 hours of video games but he says that is only because he is unable to play during the weeks “i have to get all of my gaming in on the weekends”


Kaleb Peterson class of 2020 Landstown highschool. Kaleb says he does play video games during the week and his weekends and it doesn’t get in the way of any of his school work but he says that is because the teachers at his school don’t really give out any work especially in the classes he is taking this year as a senior. He said last year he didn’t play as much during the weeks because he actually had a school work that needed to be done unlike this year. When asked how long he spent on video games throughout the week he laughed and said he honestly couldn’t tell me. He doesn’t think video games are a problem or have ever been a problem even for him as a student athlete, his grades are good and he stays on top of his game all while playing video games daily.


Video games are not a problem in this generation for adults it may seem