Spotlight on Varsity Girls Lacrosse

The 2019 Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team consists of 7 seniors, 1 junior, 4 sophomores, 7 freshman, and 2 eighth graders. The team also has 2 managers. Within the roster of 23 girls, the team has 3 goalies, while all the other players alternate positions throughout the field. Four of the seniors, Madisen Patrick, Lexia Hann, Claire Bingham, and Libby Kennedy, are the team captains and they have shown great leadership throughout the season so far. A majority of the team is underclassmen, making the team very young and allowing them plenty of time to grow for their upcoming seasons on the team within the next few years.

After beginning their season in February, the team has had a total of 13 games, and out of those games, the girls have had 9 wins. The girls have proven their talent and dedication to the team which has rewarded them as they move up in the TCIS Tournament and a chance of winning the State Championship. The team is currently ranked #2 in the State of Virginia and Senior Captain Claire Bingham mentioned that they “are working towards a state championship as well as winning the TCIS Tournament, but for now we’re taking it game by game!”

The girls’ hard work and talent presented on the field is directed by head Coach Kim Dooren, along with assistance from Coach Lauren Ey, Coach Grace Kennedy, and Coach Mary Standing. Claire explained how having 4 coaches this season has been “extremely beneficial to our team since we’ve been able to split up into different groups and work on specific things for each line.” She continued saying that the coaches “truly go out of their way to make sure we are the best version of ourselves we can be” and “it’s evident they really care about us and our team’s success.”

The success the girls have had in their games can not only be credited to their coaches, but also to their commitment to practices. During practice, the girls participate in a variety of drills, especially exercises that highlight their positions such as attack, midfield, and defense. Claire expressed how “all the girls come ready every day to practice with a positive attitude ready to work and improve on things they need to succeed in their games against their opponents.”

When asked about their team’s chemistry Senior Captain Libby Kennedy explained how “having a fairly young team has helped us create relationships with our younger teammates and has helped us play more as a unit.” Claire commented on the team’s dynamic saying that “we’re all on the same page and are working hard to achieve our goals but having a lot of fun at the same time!” As two of the captains, Libby and Claire agreed that “the younger girls are taking on their roles, scoring goals and playing amazing defense and it’s just incredible how quickly they’ve picked up the sport, and we couldn’t be prouder of them!”

The team’s positive dynamic has allowed them to create many traditions that are carried out on game days and during practices. One of the girls’ liked traditions is when they gather at Bagel Baker on game days to bond and enjoy breakfast together. Claire also mentioned that one of their “most special traditions is at each game, someone gets to hold onto the MVP hat. This has it given to whoever made the biggest impact and worked the hardest in the last game. Each player gets to sign the hat and hold onto it until the next game.”

Overall, the Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse Team has developed strong relationships on and off the field, which they will carry with them once the season ends and within the years to come.