Spotlight on Varsity Boys Lacrosse


Photo Credit: Mr. Daniel Burke

The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team this year is a powerhouse of a team with a full roster of 41. The team is certainly connected on the field, considering their 9-7 overall record. The team connects all across the roster, from the underclassmen to the upperclassmen. “We all easily get along. There is no disconnect between the young players and the veteran players,” says senior Briggs Standing. The solid bond between the boys has attributed to molding them into a strong team, with great potential for the remainder of the season. “We’re still getting used to each other, but there is no doubt that we are strong together,” Parker Tanner-Vigil adds.

The team is guided this year by 3 team captains, 14 seniors, and an exceptional coaching staff of 4. The team comments on their coaching staff as a very respectable group of men. The team shares that the staff is a perfect combination of humor and order. “They are all obsessed with the sport, and they are all very personable people. They are great coaches and they work very well together. They complement and balance each other out perfectly,” according to senior Marshall Joyce. The team has accomplished many things at this point in the season. One of the highlights of the season was the victory over Woodberry Forest. This win was especially meaningful for senior Briggs Standing, as he previously attended this school, and was seeking triumph during the competitive match up. After this win, the team focus was on defeating Norfolk Academy in regular season play.

On May 2, Cape Henry faced Norfolk Academy on our home field. The game was hard fought, and the score was close throughout all four quarters. The scoring lead went back and forth between the two teams, but in the final few minutes, Norfolk Academy captured the win. After this defeat, Cape Henry is seeking revenge on the Bulldogs. They are hoping to face them in the TCIS finals next Friday. As they enter the TCIS tournament, Cape Henry holds the #2 seed. They are favorites on their side of the bracket to make it to the championship. Following the TCIS tournament, the boys will compete in the VISAA State tournament for a state title. With the dedication of the 14 seniors on the team, the Dolphins are very optimistic about their chances in postseason play this year. “This is the most potential in a team in years,” says Captain Parker Tanner-Vigil. “We have the capability to do anything if we focus and put our minds to it.”

As the team enters the TCIS tournament, they are taking it one game at a time, and in the words of Colin Sharp, are “excited to embrace the challenge upon us and excited to see how the underclassmen will react to the challenge.”