Spotlight on Varsity Softball – Last Batter Up


“The 2019 Girls Softball Team might be the closest team out on the Cape Henry fields”

The Cape Henry Girls Softball team has made quite a showing this year and has remained as strong as it’s ever been, in skill and in closeness. Their statistics are 3 wins and 9 losses, but in each game every girl put their put foot forward, pouring all of their effort and positivity into the sport. The team has worked collectively to produce a commendable season that has made the dolphin community proud. By enjoying every moment of their season, the girls have reaped the rewards of becoming close-knit and forming unbreakable bonds. Win or lose, the Softball team hasn’t wavered in positivity and resilience that has carried them through the spring season.

A few of the girls, Rachel Moore ‘20 and Allie Angelo ‘20, have spoken to what the softball team truly stands for. Rachel Moore praises her team highly and went on to share sentiments of hers, “I have been on the softball team since 8th grade, and over the last 4 years the team dynamic has always been changing. We are a small team, this year we have a committed roster of 10 players, but our team likes to utilize the phrase ‘Quality over Quantity’. Everyone on the team, some having played 9 years and others having never picked up a glove before this season, has energy and passion for softball. We have a great time rain or shine, and no matter the score we walk off the field with top of the line sportsmanship and celebrate all our victories, big and small. I love this team and I’m looking forward to seeing the program grow after this amazing season.” Allie Angelo, a returning player after a brief hiatus, commented similarly to Rachel, speaking to what a “positive and encouraging group” the Softball team has become, starting with a smile that “every single girl is so supportive and bright – if you every need help, no one is afraid to offer their tips and tricks and constructive criticism which helps everyone’s game.” A team tradition regarded warmly by the girls is their pre-game chant of “dolphins on 3 break it down” and huddles with the coaches, who “never fail to believe” in the team, giving words of encouragement before starting. The two girl’s predictions for next year are “more strength within the team” (Allie Angelo), and they have high hopes for the seasons to come in the future of the softball team altogether.

This years co-captain, Amberley Butler ‘19, shared that, “Being captain of the softball team was a great experience. Getting to watch all of the players develop and grow opened my eyes to what leading a team means. By the end of the season, we became very close and improved a lot in all aspects. Overall I have had a great year with my coaches and teammates”. The 2019 softball team has done a great job working hard to finish the year out strong while making many memories and growing closer along the way.