Pharrell’s Something in the Water Music Festival


Photo Credit: Front Gate Tickets

Something In CHC’s Water…… Dolphins!

Something In The Water was Pharrell’s first attempt at a huge festival like this and it was a great success.  Pharrell knew that in the past there had been a lot of violence the weekend of April 26, 27, and 28th also known as Beach week. Pharrell wanted to change this for his community, he organized the largest Music festival Virginia has ever seen featuring artist such as, Migos, Usher, Pusha T, Mac DeMarco, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and many more. For CHC students this weekend also happens to be Prom. It was interesting to speak with students about their plans for the weekend in accordance to Prom and the Festival that took over the Ocean front.

Mason Wolff and Brings Standing both Seniors were asked if they knew what was going on the weekend of the 26th they both knew it was Prom and Something In the the Water. Although Mason would have liked to go she said “my mom was worried it may not be safe down at the Oceanfront with all the people coming for the festival so she would not be allowed to go”. She did say she would have loved to been able to see Travis Scott and Migos perform. Instead Mason would be spending her weekend preparing for and going to her senior prom. Briggs decide he was going to do both! He said “my plan is to go the first day of the festival, then go to prom, and then go to the last day of the festival on Sunday, so that I can do everything and not miss out on anything.” Briggs was most excited to see Kaytranada, Pharrell, Pusha T, Mac DeMarco, anderson Paak, and Travis Scott.

After getting the scoop from some seniors it was interesting to here from Stephanie Strickland and Dawson Horvath both Juniors. They both knew about Prom and Something In The Water taking place over the weekend of the 26th. Stephanie was extremely excited to be able to go to her junior year prom and get to go to Something in the Water all in the same weekend. She was most looking forward to Migos and Usher. When deciding how to plan out her weekend she said “I wanted to go to both and didn’t want to miss either so I figured out a way to do both.” Dawson thought the idea of the festival was nice but when asked if he would be going was “No, because I feel like I could get shot and would get shot.” Dawson did not seem to show that he would have felt comfortable there but instead he went to Prom at CHC which was very safe.