College Admissions Scandal Throws Olivia Jade into Negative Limelight

The big talk of the town is the college scandal involving over 50 families, including plenty of celebrities. In the Cape Henry community, we aren’t used to students not wanting to go to college, because the sole reason we come to CHC is to go onto college. College for us is so very important. But, who would think our parents could go that far just for us to say we’re going to a prestigious school? This scandal has become relevant because some of the people involved are very well known celebrities.

Olivia Jade’s family is well known because her mother, Lori Loughlin, was a star on a 90’s show called Full House. Lori played the role of Aunt Becky in the popular television show. Lori’s husband, Mossimo Giannulli, is the owner of the clothing brand at Target, ‘Mossimo’. Loughlin overall paid $500,000 for both of her daughters’ admissions to the University of Southern California.

Olivia Jade is a well known ‘influencer’ on Youtube. Some of her videos where she is talking about, ‘college life’, luxury items, and her family, are resurfacing on the internet. Many are watching these videos and realizing how much of a spoiled brat, she comes off as. Which is angering people even more about this college scandal. Videos on Youtube are going viral of ‘USC rejects’ speaking about how they feel about the scandal with Olivia. Most students are disgusted with the way money can buy you into these prestigious colleges in these cases. William ‘Rick’ Singer, the brains behind it all, is under investigation. Singer was paid over a million dollars in bribes throughout this whole scandal. The top elite schools in the country are being exposed to allowing bribery from wealthy families, to let their child get into the school.

I talked with Kiara Baxter ‘20, she said, “I wasn’t surprised because if you have a lot of money you can get what you want. Celebrities have so much money and they aren’t smart with it….so that’s the tea.” A lot of CHC students feel strongly about this since we individually devote so much of ourselves to getting into college. Especially, strongly devoted athletes who spend their years at CHC building up their abilities to be able to get on an athletic scholarship. Katie DiBona, Class of 2019 stated her strong feelings for this topic. She says, “It’s sad how many seniors in high school work their absolute hardest, to just be shut down because someone else paid their way into the college of their dreams. There should be consequences for the parents and the people who were bribed along the way. I can imagine if a student here at CHC was caught doing this, they would be ‘shunned’ persay to the whole meaning of our school.” Katie also talked about how she was familiar with Olivia Jade because of YouTube. Olivia Jade’s career has basically been ruined because of her laziness to do things the right way. Now her and the other families, will pay for the fraud and craziness they have caused.