Friendship – From CHC to VCU…and beyond!

Friends and Teammates: Wlad Gassant and John Ermini


Photo Credit: Nancy Ermini

There is a special bond between two senior athletes at Cape Henry that has been formed through pure love for the game of soccer and a remarkable friendship. Seniors John Ermini and Wlad Gassant have known each other since the first year of middle school. They were introduced to each other through their club soccer teams, and through playing together at the Field House. Throughout high school, John and Wlad played on separate club teams, but on the same Cape Henry Varsity soccer team. John has been the starting Varsity soccer goalkeeper since his early years on the team, and Wlad has been an attacking threat for the Cape Henry soccer team since the start of his high school career. While they have drastically different jobs on the field, they still were able to share this strong connection that spread throughout the whole field and created great opportunities for the entire team.

¨The best memory that I have with Wlad happened during our state quarterfinals game this past season,¨ John started. ¨I punted the ball from our defensive goal, over the other team’s last defender, to Wlad on the attacking line. Wlad headed the ball towards the goal for a shot on goal, and almost made it in. It was a play that we still talk about often and will always reflect back on.” With a connection like this between a goalkeeper and an attacking player, John was able to work the ball up the field quickly to his teammate Wlad, in many games, and amazing plays were made. With their strong connection and work ethic, the two boys shared many exciting moments together as friends and teammates, including TCIS and State Championship victories.

During their time playing for Cape Henry, they have been a part of some of the most memorable moments that the program has experienced. As their high school soccer career comes to a close, John and Wlad plan to continue their education and soccer careers at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Out of the two friends, John was the first to commit to the VCU men’s soccer program in November. When asked why he chose to commit himself to the VCU men’s soccer program, he shared that it was because of “how good the program is and how well they treat their athletes, and the fact that I already have made friends on the team.¨ John felt a sense of comfort at the university that he wanted to be a part of for his college career. Months later,  Wlad felt that same comfort and connection with the program and decided to commit to claim a spot on the soccer team. ¨I chose VCU because of the environment. I really felt at home there, and it will be a good place for me,¨ Wlad stated.

As the two friends look forward to being future roommates and teammates, they are counting down the time until they enter a new reality. John shares, ¨For me, I am very excited to live with Wlad because we are already really close friends and moving to a new place is a lot less intimidating when you are going with a friend.” Similar to John, Wlad is ¨looking forward to starting a new chapter in life at a new place, with one of [his] closest friends.¨

The Cape Henry community will certainly miss the positive spirits of John and Wlad, but they will always have a legacy within the community that will not be replaced. Cape Henry sends the best of luck to these two young men in their new exciting journey.