Kenyon Salo – Is He Really the James Bond of Motivational Speakers?

Kenyon Salo - Is He Really the James Bond of Motivational Speakers?

Kenyon Salo is one of the top trainers, facilitators and keynote speakers in his field of adventure, leadership, team building, sales, inspiration and motivation. One of only six members on the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team, he is seen each week flying into Sports Authority Field at 60+mph, ending with a soft tip-toe landing on the ten-yard line. He brings to the stage over 20+ years of successful audience engagement through humor, awe-inspiring moments, prolific storytelling, and edge-of-the seat content. His goal is to deliver high caliber, powerful, and heart touching content to each person in the room. He is a daring man but an even more kind person; his mission is to help people help him, and he truly believes that he can do anything he puts his mind to.  

In asking what was liked about his speech to multiple faculty members and students, they had a lot to say about Kenyon Salo. Cameron Ciolfi (’19) said he really enjoyed the overall presentation, but he thought it was “too long.” Stock Watson was pleased with the speech saying, “the speech made you want to go out and pursue your dreams. It made you want to help others and have adventures. In addition, Jacob Copeland (’19) enjoyed the speech. When Jacob was asked why the speaker related to him he said, “I related when he said that we should all be taking advantage of opportunities and try to help others as much as you can.” Lastly, I asked Marshall Joyce (’19) about his impressions of Kenyon Salo, and he reiterated what others said, “It was an overall good speech, and he got us going. At times he lost the crowd but regained our attention which was pretty effective.”