Athlete of the Week – Lexia Hann – Week of February 8, 2019

With the Dolphin Indoor Track and Field program’s second regular season officially concluded, this week’s Athlete of the Week, senior captain Lexia Hann, is poised to lead Cape Henry Collegiate to the team’s second VISAA State Tournament on January 16. Devoting persistent positive energy and a caring leadership style, Lexia has guided the Dolphins to a 2nd place, 3rd place, and two 6th place finishes in the four meets this season. However, more importantly, the example Lexia has set each day will inspire the program for many years to come.

“Lexia is an amazing leader for Indoor Track and Field,” Head Coach Jim Lancaster said of Lexia. “Her tireless effort to improve both her performance and her peers is unparalleled; and, in two short years, the mark she has left on the team is indelible.”

Throughout competition this season, Lexia has dominated the long-distance events and is currently second in scoring for the Girls Indoor Track and Field program. In her primary event, the 1600m, Lexia has recorded three top-five finishes and also added a gold medal in the 3200m. Her success this season is undeniably attributed to her steadfast approach to practice, and this has guided Lexia to a steady improvement in her one-mile time in each race this season.

Lexia kicked off the season on December 4 where she picked up a 3rd place finish with a time of 5:53.55. She improved her time by nearly one second for the next competition with a time of 5:52.75. Taking a brief hiatus from the one-mile to run the two-mile, Hann posted a PR with a time of 12:32, which was enough for a 1st place finish by more than 15 seconds. She continued her regular season with an 11th place finish in a time of 5:45.47 out of nearly 40 competitors, and improved three days later with a season-best 5:5:45.40 and a 2nd place finish.

“Lexia brings endless positivity to our team at every meet and every practice. I have been especially proud and amazed by the relationships Lexia has established with even the youngest members of our team. Lexia embraces those differences and has established friendships with her younger teammates while maintaining a strong leadership role,” Assistant Coach Dashiell Quasebarth said of Lexia.

Lexia demonstrates a love for the sport every day and provides an ideal example of leadership for the program. She has worked tirelessly to make sure each athlete feels welcome, and more importantly, each athlete is having fun while also remaining prepared for competitions. With the State Tournament quickly approaching, Lexia is poised to continue her success from last season’s State Tournament, where she set her PR of 5:42.29. As the season boils downs to one last competition in her Dolphin Indoor Track and Field career, the Dolphins will lean heavily on the leadership and positivity Lexia has provided throughout the season. The Dolphins are set to travel to St. Christopher’s on Saturday, February 16 for the VISAA State Tournament.