Super Bowl Traditions

By SuperBowl 53, there has been plenty of time for Super Bowl traditions to change. As one of the most enjoyed entertainment events of each year, people all over the nation spend months preparing for the long-awaited Super Bowl Sunday. Most American families have traditions that they keep alive each year, on this specific Sunday. Our very own Cape Henry families spend extra time, effort, and money creating the perfect SuperBowl day.

Jack Praver ‘19 spends his morning cooking and enjoying a big breakfast with his family, to get in the game day spirit, followed by attending a set location together to watch the game that night with family and friends. This year, Jack and his family carried on their tradition despite the Patriots taking home the win. “The Redskins are really my team, but they might not be seeing the SuperBowl anytime soon,” Jack says. “It sure would have been nice to see the Rams take home the prize this year. Everyone loves a good underdog story.”

Jack was not entirely satisfied with this year’s performance in many aspects, although he loved the company that he was with. “This year’s halftime show was not great, and I expected more out of the performance of Maroon 5. As the years go on, I feel that the performers are less prepared to put on a captivating show,” Jack adds. However, Jack was very pleased with a handful of the commercials this year, such as Dos Equis, Doritos, Verizon, and the NFL.

Junior, Landon Clay comments on the SuperBowl this year also, and agrees that the halftime performance did not meet what he was expecting. “The commercials and the halftime show are always where you either get the sugar or you get the salt,” he explains. Landon thinks that the quality of the game and the other areas of entertainment are hit or miss these days. You can never fully expect anything to happen. This year, Landon continued his Super Bowl tradition by watching the game and relaxing at home. Although he found Super Bowl 53 rather boring, he still was able to make the best out of the special Sunday event.

Brett Dudley (’19) shares her opinion of Super Bowl 53 as unimpressive. “I would have liked to see more during this year’s halftime show and commercials. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s performances remain two of my favorite performances throughout all of the years, and they are hard to compete with,” Brett declares.

Year to year, many other students and people like Brett, Landon, and Jack, enjoy time with family and friends on this Super Bowl day, and that is one thing that will never change on Super Bowl Sunday.