Athlete of the Week – Grant Shepherd – Week of November 2, 2018

Known for dazzling footwork on the ball and a rocket left boot, this week’s Athlete of the Week, senior Grant Shepherd, has guided the Dolphins to a second straight TCIS regular season and TCIS tournament championship in 2018. Hitting his stride at the right time, Grant’s performance in the TCIS tournament was remarkable, contributing at least one point in all three rounds of the tournament. As one of the top performers in the conference, Grant’s journey is far from complete in his mind. All eyes are on the final three matches for the Dolphins in the Division I State Tournament.

“On the pitch, he’s easily one of the most athletic, technical, and feared weapons,” Head Coach Dave Brun said of Grant Shepherd, “Grant has shown a consistent attitude and has made every effort to stay within the team blueprint while making a big impact in his senior season.”

He has made a tremendous impact on the success the Dolphins have seen in 2018. The first team All-TCIS recipient finished the regular season with seven goals and seven assists, tallying 21 total points throughout the regular season. With a focus on following the game plan, there is a different feel to the game with Grant on the pitch. The confidence his teammates exude with Shepherd on the field is a testament to the comfort Grant brings with his presence on the left wing.

As Grant said, “We want to prove we have the same level of skill and commitment to winning again. I am looking forward to the next couple of games and trying to win from here on out because this matters to our team. Nobody wants to finish the season with a loss.”

Grant’s commitment to winning was on full display this past week. In TCIS opener, he blasted a shot off the inside upper 90 in a 10-0 win over Norfolk Christian, and true to his form, also added one assist. In the semifinal, he put NA away with the third goal, a header, off a flawless run to the near post. Lastly, in the final, he put away a free kick from nearly 28 yards out with what eventually sealed the match in favor of the Dolphins. All in all, Grant finished the TCIS tournament with three crucial goals and one assist.

“I could write a fairly entertaining book on my four years with Grant on varsity combined with our time together at the club level,” Head Coach Dave Brun finished, “I will say, I will miss Grant more than he realizes.”

The entire Dolphin community will miss Grant Shepherd as he moves on to the collegiate level. However, the journey for the Dolphins is not over yet. The Dolphins will pick up play in the quarterfinals of the Division I State Tournament on Monday, November 5. Entering as the defending champions and Division I #4 rank, Grant and the Dolphins have set their sights on a repeat of the trifecta, with two of the three already complete.