Entertainment Industry’s Reliance on Remakes

As of late, in the entertainment industry, it has become glaringly obvious that producers are relying on a previous TV show or a movie’s popularity to ensure the profit. By remaking fan-favorite shows and movies, the producers forfeit all rights to originality in pursuit of multitudes of green pieces of paper. And, even if the remake takes liberties in comparison to the first version in an attempt to be unique, the remake still has the original version’s core. So, why are remakes such a safe move? Remakes, to the entertainment business, are a safety net to ensure money because fans of the old show will most definitely tune in, and new fans will also swarm to watch, generating the most profit out of the public. Why should the entertainment industry favor money as opposed to original ideas? The first versions were original ideas to begin with; who says people can’t spark up great masterpieces of ideas again and stray away from the trend of remakes?

Members from the Cape Henry community were interviewed regarding their stance on the topic of remakes, as well as polled in what they thought to be the best recent film or TV show remake. Caroline Dixon, (’20), voiced her strong opinion that “remakes do not live up to the originals and are remade too soon,” suggesting an interesting point of there not being a large enough time gap between originals and remakes to even consider the remakes legitimate. Often times, the public jumps at every chance to rip apart a new remake, as they believe, like Caroline, that remakes don’t live up to the originals. However, Abbey Trinidad, (’20), stated that “the show or movie might be good, but the people critiquing the remake might not be open to change.” In other words, people are closed-minded and despise the fact that someone tried to alter one of their favorite originals.

Straying away from the bitter side of remakes, Caroline commented that one fun part about remakes that she thoroughly enjoys is when actors from the original appear in the remake: “I love it when characters are brought back from the original and make a cameo because it pays to tribute to the original and allows people to connect to the remake as well as younger generations experience the show.” Halle Speight, (’20), Dixon, and Trinidad were all asked what show or movie they would like to see remade in the future, all producing varying, interesting responses. Halle Speight, a fan of a classic novel she read in English class in middle school that possesses a movie counterpart states she “would to see The Outsiders remade as it is an original but not a deeply rooted cinematic film, but still holds a special place in the youth of viewers.” Trinidad added that she believes “Little Monsters would be a good movie remake.” Dixon, clearly agreeing with Speight, believes remakes often touch young viewers in a significantly more apparent way. She thinks the new, upcoming Mary Poppins film “will be successful as it exposes a whole new generation to the classic story, as children today don’t know the songs and story as well as they should.”

When polled what they thought was the best recent film or TV show remakes, 27% said Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 73% said A Star is Born; some reported, when hearing the option of Heathers, that it was a taint on the original.

An overall consensus would be that an overwhelming amount of people do not like remakes, as they don’t convey the themes and plot as well as the original, but watch the remakes anyways to see how the producers, actors, and writers have adapted it to their views. Occasionally, they enjoy minor aspects of the shows or films that were successfully put into effect.

Are these remakes legitimately good entertainment, or are they too little too late?