Athlete of the Week – Genevieve Reynolds – Week of October 26th

This week’s Athlete of the Week, Senior Captain Genevieve Reynolds, exemplifies complete and total poise. Her steadfast composure is unmatched amongst her competition, never wavering in an effort to lead the Dolphins with her actions. All the while, a thundering attack and impeccable blocking presence strikes fear in her opponents. Her senior season may not have finished as she might have hoped, but this did not discourage the Hampton University-bound Volleyball powerhouse from performing her best day in and day out.

“Genevieve brings a competitive ferocity that’s subtle, yet readily apparent on the court,” Head Coach Marck Weiss said of Genevieve, “Her focus and big blocking is inspiring and has engineered turn-around runs for the Dolphins.”

While the Dolphins have undergone a difficult and frustrating season, Genevieve has continued to shine. Throughout her play against Kempsville High School, Nansemond Suffolk Academy, and Atlantic Shores Christian, she contributed 14 kills, 10 digs, and nine blocks. Throughout the season, she has amassed 18 aces, 84 kills, 48 blocks, and 47 digs despite playing in no more than four sets on any given night.

“It’s not so much that Gen’s performance was above and beyond, but her performance has been steadily strong and consistent throughout. Even in games where we’ve been outmatched or struggled early, Gen has been consistent,” Coach Weiss continued, “While it has been a difficult season for Cape Henry Volleyball, I don’t want to imagine what it would have been like without her—she kept us competitive.”

Genevieve has progressed steadily throughout her four-year commitment to the Dolphin Volleyball program. From her freshman year to her senior season, Genevieve has consistently improved and will surely be remembered as one of the greatest hitters in Dolphin history.

“Gen has grown a lot throughout her career. She is stronger, faster, and has an entire arsenal of methods to put the ball to the floor—she’s become a very well-rounded player,” Head Coach Marck Weiss finished, “Gen has also grown as a leader. She defined her role as captain, bringing a quiet, calm presence and stood as a model for Dolphin Volleyball players. Though not a loud or vocal leader, Gen is more about deeds than words.”

As the Dolphins’ season concluded last night, Cape Henry Volleyball says farewell to a tremendous athlete with even greater character. Genevieve will sign her National Letter of Intent, committing to play volleyball for the Pirates of Hampton University in the fall of 2019. The Dolphins will keep a close eye on Genevieve, as she will undoubtedly continue to dominate at the collegiate level.