Soccer Season on a Rampage


Wlad Gassant, one of the team’s captains, is up early for the start of his school day.

With the season on a rampage fighting for another state championship, the soccer team played none other than CHC’s rival school across town Norfolk Academy.  Grant Shepherd (CHC Senior) loves the energy of the team this year and how they respond to certain things that traffic them throughout the season. He said what he likes most about his team this year is that “the majority of players on the team actually have a love for the sport just like he does and together the team builds lifetime bonds and comradery.”  Next, one of the team captains, Wlad Gassant (CHC Senior), feels a little emotional about this being his last season, but he is still excited to spend it with this group of guys and group of seniors that are not only teammates but close friends. He said that “ they have to be on top and win states once again for the culture of Cape Henry.” Also, it doesn’t hurt to go out on top.  Lastly, George “The Chill God” Selamaj couldn’t stress the importance of beating NA again this year and keeping the season going at the rate it’s going. In asking what he likes most about the coaching staff, he stated that the “coaches are tough but also are filled with hilarious comments and love for the sport.” He also said that he can’t imagine playing high school soccer with a different group of guys and a different coaching staff, meaning they have developed an unforgettable bond.