Hurricane Michael Causes School Delays and Cancellations

Is a Shorter School Day the Way to Go?

Hurricane Michael hit landfall in Mexico Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, as a devastating Category 4 hurricane.  The storm ravaged across the Southeast and reached Hampton Roads by late Thursday evening and was gone by Friday morning. However, Hurricane Michael did not leave without causing damage across the region.  While many other schools in the area – Virginia Beach City Public Schools and Norfolk Academy for example – closed school due to power outages and city-wide damage to homes, streets, cars etc., Cape Henry operated on a two-hour delay Friday, October 12th with an abbreviated class schedule.

Nadia Norman (‘20) enjoyed being able to sleep in later than normal on a school day and she liked having shorter classes throughout the school day, which were 45 minutes each.  Nadia said “the traffic was terrible” on her way to school because of trees that fell and were damaged by Hurricane Michael. Fortunately, there was no damage to Nadia’s home, but the delay was definitely necessary for her because of the excessive traffic.  When asked if she would want an abbreviated school day as CHC’s normal schedule, she said that “shorter school days would be great because we’d get more done and be better for our sleep.”

Mrs. Gregory (US Chemistry) also liked having a two-hour delay, mainly because “I had time to relax in the morning and not be so rushed.  I got to walk my dog too!” She did not think the delay was necessary, at least not for her, since she lives closer to school. However, she realized that it may have been helpful for other students, as was the case with Nadia.  Even though the classes were shorter, Mrs. Gregory remarked, “I got just as much done, we were more productive in class, and everyone was better rested, so I didn’t lose anyone’s attention, which sometimes happens during the end of the bell.”  She added that a later start time would be better for everyone: “Teaching for 45 minutes is a good length of time without feeling like I’m cut short. Longer labs might be a problem to complete, but I think overall, it would be a very pleasant day.”  If it means less time in a classroom and more time in bed, most students would probably agree with Mrs. Gregory!