23 girls, and 1 unbreakable connection

The team having a moment together before they head on to the field to face competition.  Photo Credit: Mr. Daniel Burke

The team having a moment together before they head on to the field to face competition. Photo Credit: Mr. Daniel Burke

The field hockey team at Cape Henry has had their eyes pasted on another successful season this year. The field hockey program won a state championship last year, and are hoping to slip another ring on their fingers this year too, making them back to back state champions. For the returning players on the team, they are well aware of the hard work ethic and commitment that is necessary to be the best in the state. The veteran players of the team are working extremely hard on and off the field to comfortably welcome the talents and personalities of the new players, to the team. As years change, so do team rosters. With this, it is imperative for any team to make strong connections with teammates while they can, and to capitalize on all opportunities that they can as a team. As Henry Ford (founder of the Ford motor company) once said, “Teamwork. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.”

The wise words of Henry Ford best reflect the Cape Henry field hockey team. Before even picking up their field hockey sticks, the team worked extraordinarily hard to develop a bond with one another. In early August, the team gathered for a dinner and sleepover. At this gathering, it was the primary focus to establish a connection that would serve as a base of all things during the season. Additionally, the girls sat together throughout the night, and set team goals and standards to follow throughout the season. This time together in the preseason made it smoother and easier for the team to focus on the field hockey aspect of the game during training, knowing that they have already secured a trusting connection with one another, early on.

“The sleepover made us more connected because we got to see and know each other outside of school, and that always changes things”, Senior goalkeeper, Amberly Butler shares. It most definitely changed the Cape Henry field hockey team for the better this year. “We are most successful as a team when our energy levels are high, and when we communicate properly with one another.”

As the team stands only a week away from playoffs, they are focusing in on the fundamentals while trying not to overthink or complicate what they know works well. With a 10-2 record at this point in the season, the girls certainly are comfortable with the system, and confidence in which they play. The dedicated roster of 23 are “all in” for the rest of the ride this season, and are ready to take on any challenges that come their way.