Athlete of the Week – Carter Atherton – Week of October 19th

Playing with the utmost respect for the sport of soccer while consistently displaying grace, joy, skill, and a selfless humility, this week’s Athlete of the Week, junior Carter Atherton, is impossible to overlook on the field. Whether connecting thoughtful passes in an effort to build attack through possession or 90-yard runs into the opponent’s attacking third, Atherton is a force the Dolphins would undoubtedly consider the backbone of their success.

“The nomination of Carter Atherton is based on an entire season of brilliant play,” Head Coach Dave Brun began, “He has been a stand out in every game we’ve played this year. This was confirmed again last Monday in a shutout win over NA.”

Carter has been special this season. He, along with his fellow back line, Connor Garrison, Konrad Keenan, Logan Tucker, and John Ermini, was exceptional in a win over Norfolk Academy; shutting out the Bulldogs and sealing the TCIS regular season championship. Carter’s performance throughout the year has led Cape Henry to an 8-0 record in TCIS contests and 11-2 overall. While he would never admit to being a centerpiece in Cape Henry’s brand of soccer, Carter allows his play to speak for itself.

“We started to notice Carter more this summer as we watched him defend countless players without getting beat, and we knew he would become the vital piece for us to continue to send waves of players forward, put teams on their heels, and not get burned for it,” Assistant Coach Brian Facemire said of Atherton.

The versatility he brings to the pitch is unmatched. With experience all over the field throughout his career, Carter would truly dominate the stat line from the midfield or from the attacking third. However, now on Varsity, Carter has solidified a crucial role on the Dolphin’s backline, spearheading an effort to dominate possession by connecting passes in the defensive third.

“The more I watch Carter this year, the more I’m convinced he’s one of the best all-around players I’ve had at Cape Henry in my fifteen seasons. Combine that with one of the most selfless and tireless kids you’ll ever witness, and you have the kind of player who wins you games,” Dave Brun continued.

With the emergence of Konrad Keenan as the sweeper, the Dolphins have been afforded the luxury of moving Atherton out to the wings where he poses a threat at all times; contributing his three assists on the season as the left back. A position the Dolphins will surely utilize the athletic defenseman more as the TCIS and State tournament are quickly approaching.

“He kills teams off with run after run. Not many kids will run like he does when unsure if they will be rewarded with the ball. He will then sprint back 80 yards knowing first-hand help is needed. It’s impressive; so impressive, I finally asked him, ‘Do I suffer dementia? Were you this good last year and I just didn’t see it?’ In a typical clever response, he laughingly says, ‘you never gave me a chance!’ Well, that will never happen again. He will remain one of the true leaders of this team until his Cape Henry career comes to a close, ” Head Coach Dave Brun finished.

Carter is an anomaly in athletics; he is a fierce competitor, possesses an unmatched motor, will accept any role to help the team win, and at the same time never loses his sense of humor and love for the game. Carter and the Dolphins Boys Soccer program will enter the TCIS Tournament as the #1 seed before defending a State Championship in the Division I State Tournament.