CHC Travels to Great American Cross Country Festival

Boys Cross Country- CHC 23rd

The Boys’ Cross Country team traveled to North Carolina Saturday to take on the field at the Great American Cross Country Festival.  The team had an admirable performance, running in some classic XC conditions of rain, mud, and hills.  The team took 23rd in the 49-school field, of which most of the schools had high school enrollments surpassing 1000 students.  Owen Richards led the team, taking 4th in the 333-student field in a time of 16:13 for the 5000m course.  Zach Earl ran the course in 18:21, while Berk Alptekin was clipping Earl’s heels in 18:22.  Zach’s time was two minutes faster than last year on the same course, while Berk’s time was three minutes faster at the same meet.  Nick Damuth completed the course in 18:26, nearly 50 seconds faster than last year.  Briggs Standing rounded out the top 5 in 19:20, while Taisho Miller was able to slide under the 20:00 barrier in 19:57.  The team will be in action again on Thursday at NSA and then hope to hear the cheers of the CHC community as they run at Race at the Cape on Saturday.

Girls Cross Country- CHC 36th

The Girls’ XC team also traveled to The Great American Cross Country Festival, taking 36th in the 38-team field.  Avan Johnson, who ran her PR of 23:08 on the hilly and muddy course, led the girls in the 287-student field.  Right behind her was Liz Bowles, clocking in at 23:48, over 2:00 faster than last year.  Izzy Schleifer ran 24:22, while Hannah Gunn clocked her PR, breaking the 25:00 barrier in 24:56.  Carlie Meyerholz rounded out the scoring five in 25:07, while Cat Lestyan finished the course in 26:01. The team will be in action again on Thursday at NSA, and then hope to prove their mettle as they run at Race at the Cape on Saturday.